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  1. running a DD on a low pressure set up , DD's are more for high volume pumps . well i cant tell ya wa wa block to go with other then Cm but there is one other block thats low pressure probably work perfect for Auqagate .

  2. tlf-r82 is a neon type of fan with a higher Cfm ( from the looks of it the case is coloerd as well as the lights , the tlf-s82 is a clear frame with colored lights with a lower cfm . tlf-r82 2500 rpms 34 cfm , tlf-s82 1800 rpm 22 cfm

  3. I know i definetly have way too much time on my hands , well has any one ever thought of balancing there fan blades ? i had to shrink 1 from an 80 mm to a 60 mm ( a couple of blades were broken on hte tips ) and a decided to sand the other blade down ( the other 60 mm ) on the hsf , as it turned out it is now a tad bit quieter and lil to no vibration . I use a drill motor accomplish rhis .

  4. to quiet = poor cfm = poor overclock . only true way of gettin absolute silence really is using a submerisble pump a really large Rad ( convexted type ) with all wawa blocks on each component of the system that needs cooling but you still need fans because their are curtain componets on the cards and board that needs cooling ie. mosfet connectors diodes , capaciters . once again if you want to overclock a system while using air or making it cost effective to Oc. theres got to be a point where you can have both ... cant have dead silence and overclocking ability ( unless you switch out every fan in your system to a 120 and then make it push 30 or so cfm ) but that doesnt allways work 1 it isnt cost effective ( either b buyin hsf's to handle that fan , adapters , or seriously altering a case to handle that size of a fan ) 92 mm r great fans but at 2000 rpms they still have a slight hum to em and most cases are not designed for that fan or you could go with really slow 80's 90% of the cases out there are built for these fans and such but slow speed = low cfm the only way on getting the airflow in the case you will have use 2-3 times more 80's ( more modifications , more power being used from Psu ) just keep it some what cool . so in my opinon personally i say keep the rpms at round 2k it will provided enough airflow and quietness be like a slight hum bout like when u hum a tune thats just enough for someone sitting next to ya can barly hear it . you think i can get a 800-900 mhz + on my cpu using fans that are dead quiet ( i do have them they do 10-15 cfm ) 60 mm that is . no way thats impossible i may get 200 or maybe 300 out of it with them fans not what i getting now . i am all for quietness on my pc doesnt have to sound like a jet engine / turbine but there are allways sacrafices that has to be made . it greatly depends on what you looking at to do i dont think having 15+ fans that are dead quiet in my system when 7or 8 will do exactly the same thing .

  5. hmmm why not paint the LCd or neon fans cases ? that will tone down the amount of light they produce ( i know i just did all four of my lcd lights . ) as far as fans i would just find a happy medium on em i got 4 80 at 2200 - 2400 rpms @ 25-34 cfm they are dead quiet and 2 60's at 5000-5500 @ 25-40 cfm them are a lil bit louder but with them on cpu hsf and side panal on you dont hear em . so i say any fan round 2000 -2500 rpms should be torable for noise and provide enough airflow .

  6. u want a polished interior look ? can be done 2 ways 1 use a high gloss good quality paint then after u paint it ( make sure you remove all platic things before proceeding ) then stick in your preheated oven at 350 ( 350 steel , 250 aluminum ) ( also make sure you have plenty of air goin round ya it does stink to high heaven and mom , pops , gf , wives signifigant others will KILL ya ) for bout 10 min and then shut off oven and open the door and allow it to cool slowly with air temp it will have weird colors when it cools ( rainbow ) takes bout 45 min to completly cool down to touch when it is completly cool it will look like a piece of glass ... or you can take to auto body place to have it painted ( i dont really like that idea but u do whats you gots to do )

  7. Well i just finally Gotten my 2200 xp mobile Cpu and man will i say it is one EVil Lil ole Cpu :twisted: this thing is a Overclocking Nut I love it .. right now i got it at 2.4 gighz from 1.6 @ 1.6725 volts and it running cooler then a 2500 barton standard cpu I am gonna have to burn it in a lil bit then push a lil more ...

  8. Welcome to the club Lol.

    THe hyper six should have the mounting bracket for the Amd 939 , Now you should have these 2 mounts if not you gonna have to find some as the Hyper 6+ does come with all nessery mounts


    Now i dont own one but from numerous reviews i read bout that product it shows the same mounts in every one , on the 2 mounts i shown the 1 with the big circle shaped hole is for the amd set ups ( left side ) the right side Bracket is the retention Bracket you install behind the board to ensure you dont bend , break or crush the cpu ....

    I just cut and pasted from another Post bout the same thing ( yes it was still me LOL ... ) that should help out , on the Outer 4 mounting holes Atmosfear came up with the idea of placing 4 rubber o rings there to stabilize it ...

    Full thread

    If you having Bolt not long enough issues you can go to a auto store and see bout finding some that are long enough with nuts but the ones included should be right length

  9. super glue it on the outer corners ( that way you can remove it ..

    Depends on the super glue. A buddy of mine had to go to the hospital a couple years back after he superglued his thumb and index finger together. His stupidity was quite impressive, as was the strength of the glue.


    we are talking



    about that high is possible..

    LOL, better hope his screen is running at the same resolution and is the same size as yours.

    LMAO .... I run at 1024x768 ... Hmmm If you need a Hsf that is that tiny You could and try to Rip apart your existing Fan and fix it ( repair it , i do have a tutorial on how to do so ) or you can either cut the one a suggested down a tad to make it fit Shorten it . From the demensions of the link It is only 3.2 cm high so bout



    that high On 1024x768 resolution .. plenty of room for the weekend modder :twisted: From what i can see on Coolermasters website Coolermaster.com i dont see a Hsf that is small enough , But do i stop there OH :) no lets go look at Newegg MUHAHAHA .. the only alterneative Hsf I could find Thats Cm product ( sometimes i so wish this was an Oc'ers Forum LOL ... ) is right Here Newegg Nb Cm