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  1. i found the fan to be atigue for cooling . unless you going for extreme cpu speeds then it will help . but 3.6Ghz on a Q6600 isnt something to be sneezing at. also being able to keep below 60c ( ok i tested in an open case) but if you got good enough airflow the cpu temps shouldnt climb much higher. according to Cm it will.

  2. I was not part of the beta testers but i did a review of this product. the only 2 things i found that could be improved on were. 1: the speed controller would been nicer to have it seperate from the fan, and 2: the nuts to mount this cooler on to the main board could have been smaller, so installation with the retention plate would have been easier.

  3. I havnt heard much bout the cosmos S :( . it looks good and has a few good ideas that were absent on the original cosmos but thats all . if i was in the market for another case it wouldnt be a cosmos S . it be another Cosmos ( I just love mine to death ...... simple rule here , you can look at it , you can drool over it . If you touch it , i will break you in so many different pieces that an ant can tote your carcass away ..........

    I recomend the cosmos 1000 - 1010 and even the S to anyone . theres plenty of room in all of them ( inside ) . my personal preference is the 1000 - 1010 out of the three ( being the 1010 and 1000 are identical anyways ) the original fans that are in the cosmos are to low rpms and too low cfm's to make any difference . my best suggestion is this . buy 5 120's at least 1200 rpm fan's ( be bout 50 cfm and not 11 cfm with the stock fans ) and these are very quiet . or 3 120's 1200 rpms and a couple of 140 mm fans ( the top on the 1000 , 1010 can handle 140's ) replace all the fans and place 1 120 on the drive bay vent ( you will have to remove the vga ducting on the 1000 , 1010 )

  4. I have the Cosmos 1000 . and in that case i have currently 8 120 mm fans that spin about 2000 rpms ( there 80 cfm fans ) . and its not exactly deafening but with this amount of fans its still not to loud . the first cosmos ( 1000 ) has sound deadening material inside the panals . i not sure bout the cosmos s . me personally i lkike the cosmos 1000 over the cosmos S ( there are several key points between the 2 ) 1 the hdd bays that are on tthe cosmos 1000 are no longer present on the cosmos s ( i really liked this idea because it allowed a lot easier way to hide the sata cables and the power cables to the hdd ) the touch panal on and off screen i not entirely crazy bout . plus from what i hear the S doesnt have a reset button :( ... also i liked the idea of hiding my drives from view ( cdroms ) . what i do like from the S version over the 1000 version is the cosmos s does have a side panal fan where as the 1000 doesnt ... ( also been looking at the 2 panals i do believe they may interchange with one another , not 100% sure bc i dont have a side panal from the cosmos S . )

  5. well u could stick em to the outside of the case on the front , or make a lil stand out of plexy and place it near or on top of the case , or do the stand and have a window on the side panal and place it inside .. possiblities are endless ...

  6. They are Huge .. Coolermaster Answered my prayers when i asked the "ALLMIGHTY GOD OF OVERCLOCK " for bigger cases ( inside of them with room ) as far as i know the 1010 is esa certified . i got the 1000 series and its absolutly Perfect . what i realy like bout the cosmos ( 1000 / 1010 ) is the hdd bays and the way the side panals open . none of that clumsy :) sliding off the panal and fighting it to put back on . just a lever on the back push it up "pop" the side panal comes off . just as simple to put it back on .... simple and elegant .... post up some pics :) . the Esata from the case just plugs into the normal Sata port on the board . as they are exactly the same thing just different styled plugs ...

  7. yes is hard to believe also for me but a small drop in the right place make miracles...

    i've cleaned after i've noticed all well believe me and till i've changed the cooler with this new one i hadn't any problems


    the fans from your picture are not like this: http://www.coolermaster.com/products/pr ... =1&id=2535

    and if someone has opened a fan like this can tell us what's inside

    just so u know 90% of the fans have the same exact design . interior wise . from 20 mm fans all the way up to the 140mm fans ( some are smaller then others ... )

  8. I am sorry i am having a hard time believeing a fan that leaked out oils destroy a comp . now i do belive you on the fan losing its oil i had 8 of them do it on my machine as for it spraying the entire computer in side is a lil hard to swallow . that means that 1 fan must have had 2 - 3 ounces of oil in it . ( which is an absolute impossibility for em to hold that much oil ) . now air does contain moisture , and dust does collect on moisture , and some dust have metals in it . for someone to claim a fan destroyed my machine is a lil far fetched ........ sounds like a company dont want to rma products and decided to blame something else so they dont have to rma the product .... my suggestion is this . clean the parts ( dust em off ) all of them get ahold of the manufacturer rma dept . rma all the bad parts .

    And please look at these guides i made up .. this will show you the internals of a fan . now tell me that a fan can hold that much oil in it for the beginning ....

    http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4206 80 mm fans full size

    http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2967 70 mm fan slim design

  9. You guys got some clean looking cases :) . The new Cosmos case is starting to grow on me :twisted: i just may have to get me one ..

    heres what mine currently looks like ... ( i am still fiddling around with it )