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  1. Mine aint the best looking thing, but it does get the job done. Set up: Core i7 970 @ 4.2GHz Asus R2E motherboard Crucial 1333MHz memory @ 1680 MHz 8-8-8-24 4 x Seagate Momentus 320 HDD in Raid 0 1 x Western digital 1 tb HDD back up P&C 950 watt PSU 2 x 6970 @ 950/1450 Cooling Loop 1 Pump>Heat killer CPU block> XSPC Quad Radiator Cooling loop 2 Pump>2 Koolance 697 Vid blocks in Parallel> Swiftech tri Radiator The monitors 2 x Asus Ml248 LED 24" Monitors, 1 x Asus vw246 Monitor 24" Combined resolution 5760x1080
  2. hmm when i did the thermal paste round up with the thermal fusion 400 i just washed it off with soap and water. my hands that is. the consistancy is a tad thicker then the high performance thermal paste and a tad thinner then noctuas thermal paste. HERE scroll to Page 5 for a consistancy test
  3. cool , look forward to getting me one.
  4. on the v8 you guys planning on making a 1156 mount ?
  5. Question what happens if we lost our worklog? i had a few dozen pics but lost all them when somehow i managed to format it?
  6. i dint see where a dual 6pin to a single 8 pin would be a problem. as a 8pin feeds 150 watts vs 6 pin 75watts of power.
  7. nice looking mod, the dual 120 can fit up on the hdd cage . you have to use the dual fan bracket that CM used. and invert it. little mod that requires little time to do. and y u opted to restrick the upper 2 230mm fans ? i realize the mesh cm used did this as well.
  8. windex. and try not to touch it so much LOL ........
  9. Danger of that is expanding drops trapping some air between CPU and heatsink. (in one centre drop situation air is guaranteedly forced out)please tell me i got airbubbles in this.... http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1493&pageID=6421
  10. little high for the V8, with some chilla ramic i was getting 65-67 C on the v8. i would check airflow of the chassis increase the fan speed or (both, i recommend both) and make sure the thermal paste is spread out evenly across the IHS. I never listen to manus specifications when it comes to placing thermal paste i use a 5 small drop set up in a 5 dice pattern.
  11. the psu should be able to switch modes from 115 to 220
  12. Remove the top 4 allen screws then there are little clips holding the fan on. these are loacted on the upper top cover simply pull them apart then remove the fan. be careful because you can break them tabs if not careful. I got my V* in my lap and i dont see any other screws holding the fan and top on other then the top 4 screws.
  13. change the spacing between the fins (to accomidate more airflow). drop the deck hieght by 1/2 " ( from the bottom of the fins to top of cpu base). add 2mm of thickness to the main cpu coolers base (from, the heat pipes to the cpu coolers base's face in that area). and use slightly larger cooling heat pipes
  14. ohh okies. well it is defiently clean looking. again it is a very nice mod
  15. y did you mount the dual 120 on the bootom ? and not up against the hdd bays. this way no serious modding would need to be done. ans yes the atcs840 can accomidate it very easily. as i did here. nice mod though
  16. windex and go with the grain with a soft rag. front bazel go up and down, 5.25 bay covers side to side, top and panals front to rear. it cleans right up. if the mood strikes me i may paint mine white .....i have recently found out my self the atcs 840 can and will house a very large water cooling set up. in mine i have a tri 120 up top ( no modding) a dual pass dual row dual 120 rad with fans and a dual pass dual row single 120 bolted to that rad with fan on the bottom. ( the 2 x 120 fan mount on the hdd had to be inverted and then reconfigure the mounting system a bit ( 0 mods again just a reconfigure)
  17. Heres my review of this great case over at Bjorn3d. Here
  18. nope you dont. the only screws that hold them on are the ones that we normally use
  19. i do not see this a problem. the only real area you should be consenered with is the video card area.
  20. i thought the NDA wasnt up untill nov 14
  21. well 2 x 230 fans = 460mm min . now we know its going to have a bit more room up top around the fans i am gonna say yeppers easily , and still probably use a cdrom drive in the same bay. (providing its a short one)
  22. 1) Official launch date 11/25 2) Will inform pricing when we're getting closer to the date 3) V8 will fit perfectly with this case agreed ......
  23. i will stick with my water blocks. no matter what you still using air.
  24. the 1394 port is OUTDATED, ever since they came out with the usb 2.0 standard. as far as foront IO ports, i dont hook mine up mainly becasue i dont like having crds and crap on the front of my case. if you were to use a sd card interfacing port i would then hook it up and use it.
  25. Nice looking case fella's .. i am in the process of repainting mine . try and get some newer pics for it . i have some but they dont it justice at all