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  1. Not exactly sure what happened but fired the system up today for the first time and left it running for about 20 mins went to restart and the PSU is showing power to the board but nothing when i click the go button. Couldn't get it to fire up again so swapped it out with a Coolermaster 1300w SPH and all seems well apart from it not looking the part so not sure what to make of the Supernova but its due to go on show at a LAN in eight day and really wanted to run the Supernova Ultimate Power Control software on the 6" touch screen. Anyway, its up and running now and starting to look a bit more like a computer.
  2. Well it's all going at quite a pace now given there is only 8 days until i50. The touch screen bezel which replaces the fan controllers is finished and painted so i now needed a way to power all the fans and got my hands on these nifty little Power Distribution PCBs from ModMyToys which are perfect. I ran out of Primochill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 7/16" Hose Grrr but a repeat order turned up today so was able to get both loops hosed up and filled and got to say that hose is crystal it Anyway, apologies for some random pictures at various stages but it's currently filled and bleeding as i write this so hopefully i should get it fired up either tonight or tomorrow and see how things go from there.
  3. Now getting ready for Multiplay Insomnia i50 in a couple of weeks which is the biggest LAN we've got here in the UK so time is of the essence to get this thing up and running
  4. Not the most exiting thing to round the week off but decided to swap out the three fan controllers and replace with a 6" touch screen to run EVGA Ultimate Power Control software so time to make a new bezel. about these for straight cuts with a fret saw
  5. I decided ditch the Koolance Bay-Res's and grab a couple of Monsoon Series Two Basic Dual Drive Bay Reservoirs as i'm making my own front bezel so these were the better option, along with a couple of Red Fitting Kits from Specialtech so they fit in with the overall black / red theme and i have to say, i wasn't disappointed as they really are a nice quality bit of kit and look spot on with the contrasting red hardware :cool-new: The only problem was that i really wanted the red aluminium D5 pump covers on Monsoon Premium to really finish off the job properly so contacted Monsoon direct and fingers crossed, i should hopefully have a couple before i start adding liquid to the system. I also swapped out the previous radiators and added a couple of XSPC EX240's for the GPU loop. But anyway, today was all about test fitting and seeing if i could remember how this thing went back together but so far so good :highly_amused:
  6. Oh, hello old friend.............its time for us to get reacquainted with some nice shiny new hardware for Multiplay i50 in November but first of all, a complete strip down and a nice soapy bath Yes, given the new HAF Stacker is about to hit the shelves which to me looks extremely this mod, i decided to play fairy god mother and allow the original old girl to go to the ball Soon as i saw the new HAF Stacker i was like ......but anyway, a good wash behind the ears and it's ready to build back up
  7. Here's another one for Multiplay i47 in November. Its a TCM-Gaming branded Cosmos II but have no idea of what hardware will be in it yet but fingers crossed it should have something pretty tasty
  8. A few pictures of the SR-X system on the Cooler Master booth at the recent Multiplay i46 LAN
  9. A BIG thanks to Intel and to show my appreciation i thought i'd make them a nice logo for the upcoming i46 event
  10. Well not exactly how i’d envisioned things happening but a few initial teething problems with the BIOS and a bank holiday to contend with meant the chassis painting was delayed and with Computex kicking off in two days, i decided to complete the build so at least i could grab some pictures of the fully working system and luckily all the parts that are getting painted can be easily removed in the coming week or so and paint work carried out. I just wish i had better photographic skills as i haven’t done this thing justice because in real life it looks absolutely stunning even though i say so myself..........i honestly don’t think there is one aspect i’m unhappy with and the X logo on the front looks amazing. Anyway, a few finished (until its painted) photos and spec.... System Spec: Cosmos II EVGA SR-X Motherboard Intel Xeon E5-2687W s2011 CPU’s EVGA GTX680 Hydro Copper GPU’s Memory – Kingston HyperX 48GB SSD’s - Kingston 120GB Coolermaster 1300w Silent Pro Hybrid PSU
  11. Cheers kier, sorry i haven't got anything better to offer you and the colour is a secret My apologies to all hoping to see a bit of a mod update but i’ve had a few teething problems with the SR-X board – nothing major but as there is very little info out there at this point it was a little trial and error which is very quite time consuming but got their in the end and just want to update the thread as it may help others in the future. Here’s the shortened version - the week started off great with a nice package from Intel landing early Monday in the shape of a couple of retail Xeon E5 2687W CPU’s so i set about getting the system up and running on the bench, air cooled so installed a GTX295 dual PCB graphics card and managed to get a fresh install of W7 but immediately ran into problems with BSOD. Tried as i might to get it to run stable that night, it wasn’t to be so was well happy when i woke the next morning to find a new BIOS had been released for the board but the happiness didn’t last long as once the new BIOS was flashed i wasn’t able to get a signal to the monitor. The SR-X comes with a three way switch to load separate BIOS’s so decided to risk another and flashed the second with the new BIOS which led to the same problem. Looking back now I’m wondering to myself why i didn’t swap the graphics card out but it really didn’t cross my mind at the time and it was only when another guy posted similar problems with a GTX690 on the EVGA forum that the penny sort of dropped. Both of us were using dual CPU graphics cards so swapped my 295 out and replaced it with a GTX7800 (stop laughing) and BINGO, working fine and BSOD had been fixed with the new BIOS so all working champion and i can now get on to running a few benchmarks but more to the point, get on with making the case look pretty. Sorry for the long winded post which probably doesn’t mean a lot to most but you never know who’s searching Google – full original thread here - EVGA SR-X - BIOS 013 Released Oh the other good news was that a second EVGA GTX680 Hydro Copper arrived so couldn’t resist getting a few photo’s of that fitted to the board Anyway, a few pictures..... stop laughing at my GTX7800 hehehehehehe
  12. I've got to totally strip the case and get it ready for the painter on Monday but couldn't resist seeing what the bezel and res looked like in place. I've also made some Aurora Red dye to match the logo which looks pretty cool and can be seen better in the Youtube video at the bottom. Intel Xeon E5-2687W s2011 CPU's should be here Monday and hoping to go quad Sli on the Hydro Copper 680's but not sure on that just yet but with a bit of luck i might be able to get it fired up on the bench at some point next week but at least i'm well happy with the way the front end is looking.
  13. Just quickly had to mount 4 red LEDS to the reverse side to see if the red plexi was going to glow OK and all looks well considering these were taken in day light so should look much better at events where it always tends to be darker.
  14. Still waiting on a few parts to arrive so decided to crack out the laser guided fret saw and make a new bezel for the reservoir complete with the EVGA X logo that will be back lit so the red edges glow. Started by sticking some red 3mm plexi to an offcut of 1.5mm aluminium then applying the X template which is split down the middle so actually made things a little easier. Anyway, cut both of the X bits out followed by a bit of filing and sanding the edges then moved on to a bit of 5mm gloss black plexi that will fit into the entire drive bay section of the Cosmos II – marked a rectangle and cut that out......bit more filing and sanding the edges and that’s about it really – sorry it wasn’t a bit more interesting. Oh yeah, one of the GTX680 Hydro Copper Cards also tuned up which look really nice and just waiting on the other to arrive:)
  15. Well with the new EVGA SR-X hitting the retailers, its time for a new build to coincide with the release. My aim is to show off the ridiculously high spec of the new 2011 platform together with a couple of EVGA GTX680 Hydro Copper cards. Due to the massive HPTX form factor, i've decided to use the Cosmos II to house it all in which can handle the size no problem and in fact looks much better in my opinion as a normal ATX board gets dwarfed in there. So, the spec so far which will be added to as things progress and a quick look at the SR-X motherboard... System Spec: Cosmos II EVGA SR-X Motherboard Intel Xeon E5-2687W s2011 CPU’s EVGA GTX680 Hydro Copper GPU’s Memory – TBA SSD’s - TBA Coolermaster 1300w Silent Pro Hybrid PSU