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  1. I thought the crossflow fan was a gimmic. Anyway, what CM needs are two 120mm fans over a radiator mounted to the top of the case. A WC Stacker if you will with built in fan controllers. Including 1/2,3/8, and 1/4 fittings. Overlook the second psu for this case as your market becomes the advanced watercooler who wants a quiet case with high performance. IMO. I would prefer having a radiator in that situation mounted on the bottom as so: Edit: Also to contribute to this thread: I would prefer having the metal grid thing at the bottom mounted on the outside (not the inside). When I installed my radiator in the bottom I removed the mesh and didn't install it back on.
  2. Ok, this is my first post here at the coolermaster forums. (I am a reviewer over at I received the original Stacker for review. I still use it today, however I'll be upgrading my system soon to a dual-opteron setup using the K8WE motherboard and the PCP&C 850SSI power supply. Will this Stacker work with this setup? And what do you mean by "full server support solution" and "redundant power supply support" I should be able to put these 2 in regardless of the revision, no?