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    same as above :)
  1. n30n, its very blah. throw some uv into it, more lighting, anything, its very "premodish"
  2. of modding or for modding?
  3. sure you dont want me to host them for you rofls?
  4. thats time consuming. he could have linked to them =\
  5. gg, all your pics are dead according to me. Edit: GR, dont use freewebs, email me and I can set you up an account on to host your pics.
  6. sounds like a plan gr, good luck!
  7. rofls. making box = bad idea. inverters = heat producers, box = insulator, = inverters overheating/blowing up. unless you drill mini holes for them... I dont think i will be having inverters in my next case, but If i do im going to do something special As for the multitude of colors, the blue will possibly wash out the uv effect, so what you need to do is mount the switches so you can turn them on/off independently.
  8. k, a few things you could do. do some macroblacking paint select sides from the INSIDE. get a design and paint around it, no window, all flush = beautiful theres a bunch of things you could do to it. dril holes in the plexi and mount a few ultra bright led's.
  9. definitely physical, at least. In my opinion NOW. its to alter the structure itself. my last one-Elemental Fire-was my first, so its nothing structural. my next one, lots of structural work.
  10. I have the aero 7 lite on my AMD 2500+ oced to 2.3 ghz at mid-40's idle. How did you pull off 60?