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  1. Hi guys, Since Luxa2 have their H4 stand for iPad, I haven never seen CM or Choiix have any product for iPhone or iPad. Maybe we can give CM some feed back to push them make a iPad stand? I will be very happy to see CM have stand for my iPad, or a stand for universal 7â€~ 10†tablet PCs. In my case, I bought few adjustable stands for my iPad before, but most of their legs are weak and unstable, some stands are sturdy but looks ugly enough… I really love my old NotePal S, now I am using it for my iPad, obviously it’s too big for iPad… Well…back to the topic…I really wish Cooler Master or Choiix can make a [high-quality] aluminum iPad stand, must sturdy and looks fashion, something like “ iPadPal-S â€? I said why not give CoolerMaster a push? Tell them what we really need when using iPad or other suggestions when using tablet PCs.