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  1. not in the back, i'd like to fit it the front as intake. Dear moderators: since i have : a wavemaster, cooldrive4, 2x alu front bezels, dualstorm fan, coolemaster ccfl's, 4 coolermaster 80mm fans. I guess i'm entitled to say that coolemaster earned good money off me, so i may just have one fan that's not cm and talk about it. I understand bra&gging about competitor's products on this forum is kind of misplaced. But gestapo like censorship isn't THE solution. Maybe cm should make sure people wouldn't brag about competitors and not complain about cm's stuff, by improving their products.
  2. lol srry, thick fingers typing here it's 23db i'm not gonna put 2x92mm fans since i have this 120mm lying around here [Mod Edit] Rule #3 violation
  3. it's a 79cfm @ 13db fan. The 2 80's are the wavemaster's standards
  4. Hi i'm considering to replace the 2 80mm fans in the front of my wavemaster for 1 120mm; would this give me a better airflow? or less?
  5. hi , maybe i can help, i speak french. I also was able to understand his english, in which he used english words in a french grammar form, lol. What he says is that he's very dissapointed since he paid 50€ a piece. There's no damage to the packaging whatsoever, so he concludes this is a manufacturing defect (lol, like assembled on monday morning...) He also states he've seen he's not the only one with this problem in the US forum. If you want help translating from and to french, pm me or post here Si t'as un problème pour traduire de ou vers l'anglais pm moi ou poste ici (that's the same as the above, but in French nb)
  6. lol, that is called a LED (light emitting diode) nothing to do woth lcd (gotta looove noobish nameology. I think people from cm who hang around this forum might send yuo one, they did in the past.
  7. yeah it is BS. I'm french speaking myself and in their intonation, they sound like ironic-overacting-actors (they meant to sound like that, humor-finesse) but you gotta admit, it is hilarious!!!!! it izz exstreeem overclock, zee procesor just exploze through ze table....
  8. undeniable proof:
  9. Varry

    Logo Removal?

    watchout using lighter fluid, might damage the plexi surface!!!!!
  10. Varry

    Wave master side panel

    you could always make ne yourself. Either by cutting one or bying one and replace the window byw a clear plexi one.
  11. very nice mods!!
  12. Well the 3 pairs that are directly connected to the power-molex consist of a red and black wire, so with this there's no way of telling which pair to connect the cd4 to. Unless cm comes up with a tutorialm, i gues i'd have to open up the unit.
  13. lol, first of all, I'm Belgian, not one of zeee gerrmanzzz, well wiring consists of 4 wires going to the potentiometer i assume a pair for each fan one power wire and one returnwire. then 6 wires going from the fan directly to the powersource molex.i gues it's one pair for the leds (which should not be controlled by cd4. and the 2 other pairs ar for the two fans. Now i think i'll have to open up my dualstorm to figure out which pairs control the fans.