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  1. cory ekman

    just an inventor thought i would share

    this is way old idea, not sure what your bringing to the party with this? Not saying its not a great idea and that it does not work. Is it the bracket you made or are you saying that you can use four cards with four pumps all going into a single rad
  2. cory ekman

    Mustang Super Cobra GT 5.0

    WOW, why am I the first to comment on this... lol, incredible!!! Great log btw, lots of good shots. That's a rig to be proud
  3. cory ekman

    Dual seidon, dual h80

    The idea here is one H70 on the gpu and an H100 on the cpu. There are guys doing sli, tri with this type of set up. This is just an example and its in a HAF 932 [img CM Forum by cravinmild, on Flickr][/img]
  4. cory ekman

    Dual seidon, dual h80

    Yes, h100, h70 and looking to put another in. Looking for rad mounting advice?
  5. cory ekman

    $600 GPU Modded With H70 Cooler

    Here is a simple stupid mod that costs like fifteen cents to do. You can mod a cpu closed loop water cooler like a Corsair Hydro Series or Antac Kuhler 620. Simple mod that only requires zipstraps to complete. Nvidia or ATI cards will work, any model and vender. Takes about 15 minutes. Ive done my Zotac 560ti REMOVING stock fans and reached 1275core and benchmarkable. My Asus Matrix ROG GTX 580 has also been done. Many others have used this same mod on their cards. NO B.S. here Here is a link to OCN where ive got the build log. In that same section are other users who have posted their build logs Enjoy and ask as many questions as you want. Ill answer all of them honestly. ... rsair.html quick pic of the 560ti _IGP9527 by cravinmild, on Flickr
  6. cory ekman

    My new HAF 932 AMD Limitied Edition Pics!!!

    I guess that is where "limited" comes from lol. Limited paint job hahahh
  7. cory ekman

    next pic lol

    here they are.
  8. I just picked up my case and put all my stuffs inside. I have some pics too. One question for CM.........WTF, you run out of paint for the inside? Dam imbarassment it is. I now am forced to gut the case and finnish the job myself. Anyways love the case for everything else, great products-lots of CM stuff inside too. I added a pic of my old case beside the new one. looks one pic at a time so...........