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  1. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Well if you have a well-designed airflow in your case (say, negative pressure with few air entry points) you could probably get by without using the built-in CD6 fan which is very high-pitched, and the plastic bits make it resonate. Having most of the air come into the case by the holes in the CD6 should be good enough. Otherwise, if you have enough space inside the case, one of the things I wanted to try out is to unplug the built-in fan and use the connection on a 8 or 12 cm fan INSIDE the case, right behind the CD6. I think with some skill you could get screws long enough to bite right into the aluminum case of the CD6 and the fan would just hang right inside the case, sucking air through the CD6 and on to the RAM and CPU. In any case, apparently having cool Hard Drives isn't as important as keeping them at a constant temperature, so as long as they aren't too hot while running, you might not even want to bother with the fans. Just my 2 cents.
  2. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Hi! I had such a hard time logging in, I had to try the verification code at login a zillion times, how horrible! Anyway... Yes, the CD6 will work perfectly fine without the software. In fact you don't actually have to connect the USB cable at all. Or even the heat probes. Don't plug in anything at all and the aluminum case would still cool your HD reasonably well. I never found the tiny fan inside the CD6 particularly helpful - too noisy for the cooling benefits. But if you have fans available, all you need to do is plug in the power to the CD6, plug in your fans and set the speed you want on the CD6 interface and you're done. The software is basically only useful to get temperature and speed reports in Windows. And CoolDisplay additionnaly lets you automatically set the fan speeds and change the message on the LCD.. That's all.
  3. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Hi guys! Feels like years since I've been here... @nemix77 - I checked that the link to my download is still valid. I don't know about the original software though, I might have it archived deep inside a server somewhere. If I find it I'll try to post it somewhere. I still have not updated to Windows 7 (No money for that ), maybe one day... @maxblast - I haven't looked at that stuff in years, honestly, but as far as I remember the software need to be told the right COM port (often port 3 or 4 when using an internal USB connector). It will report correctly on the drives even if the COM port is not set up correctly, because the only data that goes through the CoolDrive's USB cable is the CD6's temperature sensors and fan speeds - there is no HD-related data there. I'm not even sure if the original software actually reported the HD's internal temperature using SMART data... I remember I used to stick a probe on the HDs to get the temperature into the CoolDrive software... I'll come back to this project when I get a new computer and plug a CD6 in. Hope I'm any help nonetheless.
  4. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    I don't have a version of my software for Vista since I don't have Vista myself. :`) Maybe when I move to Windows 7 I can make it work!
  5. cooldrive6 V2.0

    You can also try mine from http://enigmachine.com/software/cooldisplay6_en.htm Does not work on Vista.
  6. Cooldrive 6 on Windows Vista

    Oh I see, it must be a change in the way the drives are listed, most of the software must still be working except the part in the UI that lists the drive... At least that gives me a clue on how to fix Cooldisplay, thanks.
  7. Cooldrive 6 on Windows Vista

    I haven't tried it, but I'm surprised it doesn't work. I can't wait to get some hardware to install vista and try it out! It might take a couple of months though. But I'll report on what I find as soon as I have anything. I don't see why Vista would change the way to program a serial port, but the drivers might need some changes for security, for example.
  8. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Hmmm... The only way I could do that would be to use my multimeter to measure what the actual values are on my CD6 based on the RPM setting and display that... I wouldn't be a "real" voltage value since it would be based on my CD6, not the actual voltage. I'll look into it. I really like the idea of "scanning" the values (from another post) where the software figures out the minimum voltage to get the fan spinning on its on... Ack, I guess I'll have to get to work on this soon. The box my CD6 is on, I want to use to try out Vista... Except it doesn't have 512 megs of ram and the video card only does 640*400 so it's been sitting idle. Maybe someday soon I'll get on it.
  9. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Sorry if it looks dull... I definitely cannot integrate this into the official software, but I will definitely improve the looks in the next version now that I'm no longer using Notepad to code with. One thing to note is that I haven't worked on this code in quite a while, but I will as soon as I get my CD6 back in a computer case I use/run windows on. The original software doesn't need to be "installed", but some of the files need to be in the same directory (the .dll). I think I made a list of the files needed in the README.txt.
  10. How to configure multiple CoolDrive 6 units?

    A picture of the results would be nice!
  11. How to configure multiple CoolDrive 6 units?

    You could probably make things simpler by getting 1 Cooldrive 6 and 3 Cooldrive lites. I find that the tiny fan in the CD6 doesn't make a big difference in the temperature of the drive, it's the aluminum case that does most of the work. Also the fan, being tiny, whines quite a bit at maximum speed. So you could use the the CD6's probes to monitor the temperature of the 4 drives (since there's 4 probes) and control the small fan in the CD6 and maybe attach a 120 mm fan to the back of the CD lites, also controlled by the CD6. That might require some modding/building a funnel inside the case, but it would be pretty quiet but much more efficient than having 4 CD6s, imho. I don't think anyone's every actually done it though. Also, it would use only 1 USB port. You could use my CoolDisplay software to control the fans automatically btw, look it up. Hope that helps.
  12. Winamp now playing / Cooldrive 6

    Nothing new to report, I haven't worked on the program in a while because my CD6 is now on a linux machine. But I've been doing some case modding so who knows, maybe it will find its way back to a Windows machine. Also winter's coming so I might end up spending more time coding. I'll let you know.
  13. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Well, it looks like this: Nothing very exciting for now. I should probably put all of the software info on its own web page...
  14. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    You learn something every day, I guess. I can't really blame them though, look at how much support they had to provide simply because it's not obvious which com port the CD6 is on. There's a good number of posts in the forum simply about that. I wonder why that is anyway, shouldn't USB devices be autoconfig for the most part?
  15. CoolDisplay for CoolDrive 6

    Hello everyone! I have made a new version of my CoolDisplay application for the CoolDrive 6. Its two major features are: 1. Set a message to display on the LCD in a XML file 2. Automatically control fan speeds by setting the target temperature for probes and which fans have an effect on that probe. The program displays the current values in a small window on your desktop. This program is experimental - neither I nor CoolerMaster is responsible if any damages are caused from use of this software! Also, don't run it at the same time as the original CD6 program, as only one at a time can access the COM port. *DO NOT* use CoolDisplay to control your *CPU* fan. CoolerMaster is not responsible for any problems with this program so don't bother them about it. To download the program please visit my forum at http://www.enigmachine.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=software I plan to improve the looks of the UI soon and provide display options for the LCD. Let me know if you use it or if you have comments! Also apparently the Aerogate III seems very similar to the CD6. Does anyone care to try the software on it? Or would anyone send me an Aerogate III so I can test it out myself? -- Enigmachine the .sigless