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  1. When is this case due for release?
  2. Are both available? is there a price difference?
  3. quite neat cases , wish id have waited for those to arrive insted of buying wavemaster black.
  4. is the new cavalier case range the replacement for the wavemaster range ??
  5. its black and they do get finger marks on , which wax sould i use? which parts can i wax?
  6. cheers, ive noticed that the case is every so sensitive.Also, mine needed a good clean as there was smearmarks on the case.They came off easily with an anti-static cloth .
  7. aahh , thanks for that , i was curious bout that for a long time.
  8. i have the black one and it really is a sublime case. silver is v.nice too , but cant understand why its more?? the side panels are almost like a mirror, they are reflective, are the siver cases panels the same?
  9. if you check out overclockers.co.uk the silver is about 70 and the black is 120, i think the black looks best
  10. why is the wavemaster case more expensive in black rather than silver.I looked at the spec and they are the smae...i think. but the price difference is about £40-60.why is this so???
  11. hey, i havent found many pc enthusiasts caring about audio quality in a pc. I'm in the process of building a new machine, what sound card do you use, drivers ect, is there any good software too you can recommend?
  12. Anyone ever tried underclocking?Many motherboards and processors can just as easily run under a rated speed as over a rated speed. As many processors expel alot of heat into the ambient air , it requires the use of big heatsinks and fans which equals , lots of noise.Now for an audio enthusiast noise is a nightmare in my pc case. So underclocking it will reduce heat thus enabling me to dump the big heatsink and fan.I dont use this pc for heavy use with complex tasks and mulitasking, just internet use , word ect and high quaility music. i have a Intel Pentium 4 660 "LGA775 Prescott" 3.6GHz (800FSB) processor with HT Technology. Can anyone give me any advice before i decide to do this? thanks.