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  1. Vin_Laden

    PC Speed Test

    I think it is a good idea. After all they do it with cars.....Fastest production coupe/truck/sports/suv car. Why not with production computers only. Income is a factor but so is brains. And actually I believe 3dmark's site does have a top benchmark table. I think anyway.
  2. so many fans..... I'm suprised cases don't just hover with all the fans spinning in them. my next mod is going to add a 120mm so I'll be increasing to 14 fans. Just trying to add up all the cfm the case moves. Nine 80mm fans @ 30 cfm.....not counting other fans I mean hey that is alot of air when you think about it.
  3. Vin_Laden

    Jet 4 LED

    ohhhh.....Jet 7+, looked everywhere for that but everybody was out of stock or didn't even have it. I just have the reg Jet 7 but I cannibalized an all copper heatsink from an aero 4 (I think it was anyway). kudos to CM for making it an 80mm base design.
  4. lol yeah it will happen no matter what. well for me I needed the exterior to be nice because of my acrylic case. One can kinda see everything inside the case. so it fits my situation, otherwise I would be using my CM real power PSU. I'm just saying it's better than alot of other PSU's out there
  5. POS???? not hardly, mine is rock solid on all rails and has never failed me in the slightest. [mod edit: please read the forum rules regarding recommendation of the competition.]
  6. We all like fans and cooling but how many do each of us have? and I mean like all types of fans (CPU coolers, HDD coolers, system, GPU fans, PSU fans) it's shocking how they add up. I have a total of 13! 7 system (Six 80's, one 120mm Two 40mm HDD cooling fans one 80mm GPU cooling fan 2 80mm PSU fans 1 jet 7 CPU fan
  7. Vin_Laden

    Jet 4 LED

    I believe it is, (my case is red so it matches) but I think it would require al little 're-organizing' using the trusty dremel. don't know for sure, it's worth a try
  8. don't know about it fitting..... [mod edit: please read the forum rules regarding recommendation of the competition.] The cables are pretty flexible so it should fit, just be aware that the cables plug in all across the front of the PSU and not through one corner like normal PSU's. Good luck
  9. Good solid case.....expected nothing less from CM how about the Centurion 533 - Phalanx kinda like the case with it's overlapping plates and offensive look.
  10. It's incredible how much they can dim.... When I turn my case on all fans turn on at full power and a few seconds later my automatic fan control comes online (senses the low case temp) and throttles power back. You can see the LED's go to about as half as bright as they were....(the fan noise to). Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents.... No idea other than your PSU is bogging down.....but fans shouldn't do that....
  11. If you have carpet I wouldn't recommend it.....but mine sits behind my desk in the open on the floor..... Best of both worlds....good airflow but out of the way but then again every situation is different
  12. lot of great cases mine's not done yet but here ya go check out Helios in more detail at I think I did that right...