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  1. so youre saying a 60 inside the aquagate in the rear? where that fan grill is? does one fit there? mindless moron, youre saying the aquagate is crap?
  2. yeah i didnt even think about the size. i was more concerned with it supplying enough power. what is the highest cfm fan i can put in there?
  3. I wanted to replace the stock aquagate fan with a Vantec Tornado, can the aquagate handle this change. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I had a little problem with my aquagates pci card. I went to install the molex onto it, and it was really tight, like i could barely get it in. Then i did, and snap. Easy fix though, the molex pops back into the pcb, but it broke part of the pcb so it would never go back on completely. Oh well i thought, then i go to power up. System is running, aquagate is running, but no display on the LCU, and fan was not going. Hmm... so i figured the pci card must control power to those. I look at the pci card and the 12v pinnapped between the card and the molex housing. I am about to put in a request for a new card. But i wanted to ask if any one else had this problem. To me, i think the male molex housing could have been seated more firm than what it was. I am a little upset because i cant use my system right now. But it can be fixed. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of everyone. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone. First I would like to say that i am the biggest idiot in the world. Now thats out of the way, let me tell you why. So i got my new Aquagate watercooloing system yesterday. Awesome. So then i say, well my computer is not working so how can i test this thing. So i lay an old board out and hook a psu up to it and connect all the necessary wiring for the aquagate. Then i have to fill it. Ok, so i make a funnel from some thick paper, the Thermal Conductivity fluid is right on par with acid, it messed up the paper pretty good. Now i think there might be paper in my resevoir. What do i do how can i flush it? It will not stay on without a computer and i can get it to stay on in a board with no CPU and mem like i was trying. It just shuts down. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.