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    CPU cooler temps (again!)

    Well. 44c is pretty nice, if you have no cpu fan. But if you play games, then the cpu load is much higher. Surfing and music only uses about max 20-30% of you cpu. depending on your cpu and how many webpages you have opened. Games uses a lot more!
  2. Not to shiny, but very nice cablemanagement!
  3. Oeh, yeah, that was hidious! Cool that the paint was uv reactive. Your new cooler is a lot better now! And better looking!
  4. Did you use UVpaint ninu? I'm going to paint some more, that vga cooler backplate is my next "victem" And ninu, your case is now much better then a few weeks back, with that vantec fan card and case fan cooling your 6600 vga card!
  5. I like silent pc's too! But I control it via my Aerogate 3. And that works pretty good for me. But post some more pics if you have new one's!
  6. Ninu, that looks great. Cool that you painted that zalman backplate! I think I should do the same! If I remember correctly, that cpu fan was broken and he had to replace it. He had to replace it. But still looking great!
  7. Yeah I saw that cases! Pretty weird indeed. But the R2D2 is cool!
  8. That stacker 830 looks really nice. Like the 4 side fans, and that radiator is handy there. But one thing tho, that SLI isn't that cool to see. The case is cooler to see. The case attracts all the attention.
  9. And it still works? And the noise it makes, your ears must be damaged by now!
  10. Looks neat, but you might want to tidy-up the cable a bit more. I changed some numbers to see more pics,but I only could see two. I don't have acces to view the gallery.
  11. In a few week I'm getting a LCD screen but it's not a standard size. Should I fit it to the front panel of in the side panel? Depending on the size I was thinking myself of putting it in the front. Starmonkee, Do you have some pics of your current wc setup?
  12. A 120mm fan would certainly fit! My fan card is 18cm by 8 cm. And I would go with the 120mm blowhole, more cfm --> more heat out of your case. I'm saving money for a wc-setup. But I don't know any good sets. I Know CM has a few, but I want with tubes that are UV reactive. Btw, my name is Knud and not Elessar
  13. Uhm no, sorry... I guess But I keep that in mind, If I'm going to dremel some more.
  14. Uhm, just the round blades. I used the one that came with it. @MM, are diamond ones better then?
  15. Thanks for the comments! @ID About the scratches, I have to paint it, but did not yet have the right paint so I still have to do it. I did it with my side panel too. About the screws, because of the internal power wires of the fancard, it was the only way unfortunally. But that fan card, It's something else, not just that 'normal' fan. @StarMonkee It's just my first mod, And I have done it in steps. As you might have seen in my previous posts and pics, there has been progress. But my first pics where very bad.... But thanks again for the usefull comments! Next thing: A mirror mod. Only how to cut a piece of a mirror? (it's just a bit too long, it won't fit)
  16. Today I dremeled a blowhole in the top of my chassis So I could put my fan card in it. Here are some pics of the progress and the result. Hope you guys like it.
  17. I'd say intake, cause hot air rises. If you make a blowhole in the top, then it should exhaust!
  18. knud

    (selfmade) fan meter

    some digital meters like on this page are more affortable But I just have to look a bit further. I pm'd mr_kholl, cause he had some nice analog rpm meters in his previous entry.
  19. If there's a fan on it, then you can.
  20. knud

    (selfmade) fan meter

    Yes for the analog. Only I'm not so good with electronics. But couldn't find any digital meters on that site. Or just not looked good. (but that prizes... to high)
  21. knud

    (selfmade) fan meter

    Yeah I saw the volt meter, but I want "rpm", that's more the way I want it. And I looks cooler, but that's my opinion.
  22. knud

    (selfmade) fan meter

    I was thinking of that, but does it come in black? And it can only measure one fan, right. That would be ok tho.
  23. knud

    New case

    Yep, with "you have been owned" If it's authentic, that :) symbol, I would sell it to a museum.
  24. knud

    (selfmade) fan meter

    Yeah, to measure the RPM of a fan. That's all.
  25. I want to buy or build (rather not, cause I'm not good with electronics) a fan meter, just a fan meter. I prefer analoog, but digital is good as well. Planning to build it in my sidepanel. Somebody any idea? And another question, what is the best way to cut a mirror. The mirror size I want does not exist here, so I have to cut a piece of it. Thanks.