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  1. knud

    Hyper 48

    Don't know if its an new hyper you have, but maybe it's full of dust. Are your other temps (mobo, case) normal? Maybe, perhaps, the cpu internal temp sensor is a bit broken. (you never know...)
  2. That (gaming) laptop costs you a fortune I guess.
  3. knud

    Hyper 48

    Did you use enough, or not to much thermal paste? And did you install it properly? If you have a fancontroller, try connecting to it, and set it to max. And do you have some case fans? A good airflow lowers you cpu temp.
  4. Mr. Miyagi, can you game a bit on the laptop? I suppose so.
  5. To bad I don't have a cooldrive 6, other wise I could test it! But good that there are people who can (re-)program the software!
  6. I'm afraid not. It's just like the aerogate 1, that always starts with a red color.
  7. I just put my thermal sensor in the heatsink, not between the cpu and the heatsink. Otherwise you just fry the cpu, just like Jona and Esben said.
  8. Ok, thanks! But what where those temps again?
  9. @kbates666, if you put some cd/dvd drives in front, than its starting look cool. Could it be, that there supposed to be another layer on your case, it seems just the frame you showed.
  10. If the green was blue, i'd like it even more. And everyody has its own style right?
  11. For now, its pretty nice, but some overview pics would be great!
  12. And your forum name, says it al, Hellraiser! Those party's are great as far as I know! Hardcore to the bone (that one is really cheesy, but the song is great! from neophyte/masters of ceremony))
  13. They have all kinds of vfd, pled's, grafic lcd's. If your handy with electronics, then its really easy and cheap. Other wise you pay a bit more. With the software its compatible with windows MCE.
  14. That logo is from a dutch Hardcore Label, masters of hardcore They are using it for years now.
  15. Nice mod you have there! And the sleeving went well! It might take some time, the result is great! Keep up the good work!
  16. notoriousbigs, Nice rig you have there! Did CM pay for it, or did you pay it your self? That keyboard is cool and that LCD is big! (24" right?)
  17. But the case is cool, like the Masters Of Hardcore logo! You should go further with that theme, you can do some nice things with it!
  18. Sorry, my italian isn't that good. But what is the problem? Does your vfd not work (well)? To go a bit further then French and Italian, in dutch: praat je italiaans?
  19. Nice rig! And a pretty good OC!
  20. Try it improve your cablemanagement! Buy some rounded cables and that will do the trick. Also check if your cpu cooler isn't full of dust. You might want to clean that then. That can improve your temps with some degrees (5-10). Good Luck!
  21. knud

    Real power 550

    I think the real powers are still UNsleeved. You have to do it your self!
  22. And there is Hmonitor Enough choice!
  23. Case looks nice, but I'm more of a ATX style. Not that btx. But the window is nice!