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  1. Saw the stacker 830 today in my local pc shop and it's great looking chassis! I want it! And it feels good and stable! A shame it had a €255 price tag.
  2. A very large cpu cooler. With a huge heatsink. Bigger then the Hyper 6(+)
  3. I choose "wattage", but there are more things important to me. *Silence, for me that's very important. random order: *wattage, cause I have a lot of hardware in my pc *Stability - speaks for its own *looks (meshing, 12cm fan, easy release connectors)- I has to look nice *Fan delay system - fan keeps running for 5 mins after shutdown --> heat out pc, better for the hardware *optional: choose which cable's you use and which ones not. Less cable's--> better airflow *price -I'm willing to pay a lot of money for a PSU, if it is good one. (the things above) Hope this helps!
  4. That looks really nice! Are you gonna light them up a bit?
  5. The pics looks really nice! Like the 2nd with the art/symbol and the 3th with that red symbol. Real cool! MM- why is it, you fear to be nice?
  6. Some pretty nice pics you have there man! Thumbs up! I like the first one very much, with that water effect. Cool. And that overview one of a canal/river.
  7. Maybe is the audio slider on the left side? (in windows)
  8. That last pics is nice! Like the looks of that plexi with the leds! (right?)
  9. If you have done some cable management, that case will look frickin cool! I like black, so a black aquagate is pretty damn cool! Where is the pci thing for?
  10. That cooler looks wicked! I suppose it's a good one!
  11. Looks pretty cool! Wondering what the final result will be.
  12. Some news pics. First of my new psu and some cable UV-Blue painting. A cable mess painting a rounded cable Painting the hard drive cage Some results Tadaa! Painted my cpu cooler a bit My (gaming) trackball Some extra pics.
  13. Uhm, guys, if you speak in english we might be able to help out. The hdd is making trilling noises, right?
  14. You can use google to translate the whole site and still browsing it!
  15. I didn't say that it was perfect If they can develop it further in the future, they could make a say, 10 to 20 GB version. With better battery. But that will take some years I guess.
  16. knud

    Hyper 48

    maybe this helps?
  17. Does that britisch one have a website or so? If it's better then the i-ram, why didn't we heard something about it?
  18. It's already availeble I thought. I-ram works with Sata. It would be even better it worked with Sata-II
  19. You can try to remove one the plastic things. If there are screwholes under it, then it's ok. Other wise, you have to drill it your self I'm afraid.
  20. I you want a really fast hard disk, you should get the Gigabyte I-Ram, that's a pci card, where you can put up to 4 ddr mem. Speed doesn't matter (2100/2700/3200) and to max 8 GB (4*2gb). Some specs: average transit speed: 136 mb/s (compared with 62.8 mb/s of a WD raptor 74 gb) accestime: 0.043 ms (compared to 7.9 ms raptor) PCmark 05 hdd totalscore: 33594 (raptor:6226) file write:118.9 mb/s (raptor: 69.6mb/s) Some cons about the I-ram: Expensive (€115 for just the I-ram) When powered down, data remains 16 hours on it.
  21. knud

    Hyper 48

    i sure it is new hyper48....system zone 1 temperature 49to52celsius and system zone 2 temperature 44to47celsius... internal temp sensor a bit broken?? ....i really dun know..... Your other temps are also a bit high. Mine are about 20-30 (mobo and case)
  22. There are 7200 rpm notebook harddiks right? That would be a bottleneck yeah. That wallpaper is cool, didn't really notice it before