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  1. Have you tried another fan header on the mobo?
  2. knud

    Air Flow Question

    to keep the dust out of your case
  3. Post a pic perhaps, that always helps. And so we can 'see' your problem.
  4. knud

    Air Flow Question

    Or you can put another fan in the lower duct
  5. Where are those switches for, wih hd1, hd2 etc? Nice case!
  6. Good to hear man! Your mod will become even more beautiful!
  7. Just use a "yellow" piece of cloth, some water, perhaps some cleaning soap. That will work. (worked with mine)
  8. @kbates666, really like the greeny little things in your case! @unknown_x, that stacker 830 is really cool and good looking! I want one too!
  9. Nice mod you have there! Like that 2 green back fans, looks really different with all the blue! Can you show me a side pic as well?
  10. He is waiting nine (9) months now for a replacement? (right?)
  11. I've said it before, and I will do it again, Ron is your european man! Really, he is always very helpfull! But your absolutely right about the us guys, they support as mush as they can! And warmonger, didn't know for sure if you really meant that, but know I do.....
  12. I just got a new psu... I know I have a lot of cable's, but due the lack of time, they have not been worked away. And my is to small for me. Need a Stacker
  13. Made a new database for my pics:
  14. That is an old pic, the 5.25" are already painted. some more recent pics: But It aint finished yet. Have to do the molex cable again. But thanks for the critisism, now I know where to work on.
  15. Do you like or not? I'm a bit confused? I have not posted al pics, I thought.... They are on my own server, the adres is somewhere around here.
  16. Not on no (for france) And indeed, it's a big price, but worth the money I think.
  17. Can you upload them somewhere else? I always upload them to my isp server.
  18. Are there any bigger pics? If you click on them, you don't see the (bigger) pic
  19. But in france it's even more expensive! (€289-299) Here It's around €255.
  20. Sorry to hear man! Not a very good thing this. Bryant?
  21. Well, I've seen the Stacker 810 and 830 together, and the side panels are different sizes, as far as I can tell.