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  1. knud

    The Old Book

    Curious how this will look like when it is done
  2. That socket looks like a narrow socket - is that correct? The MLM92 won't fit - it is only compatible with the regular X99 socket.
  3. Ah, the 2 pin versions. Those are not yet planned - so far we only have the RED color version for that. I'm sorry about that
  4. The MasterLiquid PRO Models requires a new bracket - what I said before. And, all coolers will have a sticker on the box to indicate if they support AM4 (or not). If you have any further questions, let me know.
  5. The pictures were hosted on FB it seems.. and the url expired
  6. Check this link: Does your unit also have the BLUE led fan?
  7. Yes, it will be compatible. The bracket will be included inside the package.
  8. Do you mean these? it can be bought here: For US & APAC region it will be added asap.
  9. Hi, That is a hardware limitation on this keyboard. It is linked to the non support of NKRO on this keyboard.
  10. The one from newegg is the MasterLiquid Pro model. You need an upgrade kit for that. But the MasterLiquid 120 (non pro) comes with with the AM4 bracket out of the box. Via our CM store. Yeap, the 212 Plus will also be supported via that same upgrade kit, as the Evo.
  11. You would need an upgrade kit for the MLP 280 as well. This will be ready at the end of Q1.
  12. It looks like an older Hyper 212 model to me.
  13. knud


    Well, you could look at the show "Attack on Titan", or do something with Moon (Titan).
  14. knud


    Based on the title... I have some idea of the design direction. Curious to see more
  15. knud

    Hello Modders

    We all have to start from somewhere, right? Anyways, best of luck. And you can always ask for some input here
  16. Yeah, that makes sense. During my testing, it wasn't directly needed - but a good thing to keep in the back of my mind
  17. Starting to look interesting One small note: the plastic clips under the graphics card (from the metal holder) are upside down. Is that on purpose?
  18. Are you referring to the USB Type C port? If so, that has been changed 4x USB 3.0.
  19. Always excited to others using ATCS chassis Curious to see the end result.
  20. Are you able to try the keyboard on a different pc or laptop? Is it still locked? FN+F11 should lock/unlock the keyboard. FN+F12 is windows key lock btw.
  21. Cooler Master thermal grease is non-conductive.
  22. There will be an upgrade kit available starting in the beginning of Feb. Some more info/news here:
  23. Wow, that cooler is old and big But I'm sorry, there won't be any bracket for s1151 unfortunately
  24. Do you also plan to upgrade the case? The Scout 2 might be, a bit small