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  1. This PSU is not the most silent one, but it seems that the fan is running on 100% fan speed. You can submit a support ticket and our support guys will help you further.
  2. knud

    Masterbox Q Series

    Measured from the CPU: 161-162mm until the sidepanel is hit. (so, it is going to be quite close for you.)
  3. Ok, based on the first picture (in the first post), you can apply RMA for it.
  4. knud

    Masterbox Q Series

    I just got the sample and without M/B (but on the standoffs) there is ~170mm of space. I'll need to install a M/B to make a more accurate measurement. (But I don't think the CPU+MB will take 10mm, however the sidepanel also takes some space) Tomorrow I can do a more accurate measurement.
  5. Dual slot cards will work, but you cannot install multiple graphics cards in this bracket.
  6. That is very unfortunate to hear. Sending it back again to Brack will likely not solve the issue. Can you please create a ticket at our Fanzone? My colleague from the support team will then handle it and arrange a replacement for you (including return label and such).
  7. What happens if you set the board to [Green] color only?
  8. Is it a primary or secondary drive? If it is your main disk, you'll need an OS installation disk (USB or DVD) and then format the drive during installation. If it is a secondary drive, just right-click the drive in "my computer" and select format.
  9. Any standard ATX PSU fit, but I do recommend something like the GM series PSU, as those are semi-modular, but also "small" in length, which means you will have a bit more space to work with. And those PSU are not too expensive.
  10. No, this combination will probably not fit. Reasons: 1. Noctua cooler is too big and I think it will overlap the first PCI-e slot (not 100% sure) 2. The graphics card is taller compared to stock cooling models and will likely hit the CPU cooler.
  11. Unscrew the 2 screws on each sidepanel. Then, slide backwards to remove them.
  12. Yes, that can work. One note: the fans might give some clicking sound - but this was fixed on later production models I believe.
  13. Yep, what Ruud says, it's the Ammo 533. More than 10 years old case now
  14. The pump and fans will work fine, but will run at max speed. (unless you set a lower voltage) It won't damage the pcb.
  15. Let me forward this to our colleagues from cooling team.
  16. In that case, I really advise you to apply RMA for it, because the leds should not be dying, at all.
  17. Found this article, not 100% sure if it can work or not (I don't have any mac devices here)
  18. Do you want to lock your Mac OS? Or just lock that particular key?
  19. Not sure what you mean exactly. Can you post a picture please?
  20. Sort of - the new AM4 model dropped the LGA775 support. But we can get you a bracket - our support team will get in touch with you.
  21. No, they are not compatible. Seidon uses a different mounting bracket altogether.
  22. Please open a ticket and our support agents will take it from there. Please allow 2 business for a reply.
  23. Please see this link: Compatible cooling: MasterLiquid 240: MasterLiquid 120: MasterLiquid Lite 120: MasterLiquid ML240L RGB: coming soon MasterLiquid ML120L RGB: coming soon MasterLiquid Lite 240: coming soon
  24. In that case, I recommend to request a new case fan. Please create a support ticket and use the "request part" option. Details are in my signature.