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  1. I know gigabyte RGB/RGBW implementation is different from other brands sometimes. If the 4th pin is W signal, it won't work, because it can't recognize the signal Do you have the pin layout details on that m/b?
  2. You are welcome. If something comes up again, please let us know
  3. You cannot mount an extra HDD cage. (The text is somewhat confusing in the product sheet, but you'll also see that it is the same spec with or without HDD cage.; the HDD cage is next to the PSU)
  4. You don't hear the fan, or you don't see it spinning? (the fan will always spin btw)
  5. Product page will go live tomorrow The riser cable is Pci-e Gen 3.
  6. Are you also trying to control the RGB lights via the Motherboard as well? Can you disconnect the RGB_IN cable (on the right hand side)? Does that make any difference? If not, than I'm afraid either the data cable or the PCB itself is broken.
  7. H500P in Canada: H500P will be available this or next week in the UK.
  8. Yep - you can remove the front door and you'll have a fully meshed front.
  9. Can you take out the PCB and disconnect the fans and RGB connectors and connect another RGB device (if you have it) - you can use the supplied adapter cable - and see if the issue still persists? If so, it means the PCB is damaged. If not, the led bars and/or fans are damaged (which I doubt).
  10. I asked around and it should be listed in the canadian newegg soon. That's all the info I have now.
  11. Alright, let me see if I can find a solution. I'll come back asap. Also: can you post a picture of the PCB - just to see if there is anything odd.
  12. Let me check this for you - as I don't know this either.
  13. The seperate parts (that come with the chassis) will become available as spare parts on the CM store. (need to check the ETD, but should be this month.) The vertical graphics card holder will fit. The horizontal SSD cage will fit too, but only horizontal. (You can re-arrange the mounting screws for vertical installation in mastercase.) Another front radiator bracket is in the works.
  14. It should be plug-and-play. But there is a small delay before the lights start to glow. Do you see the visual indicator in the I/O panel - does that one work? Or also not? Also, please check if the RGB plugs are still plugged into the PCB. (behind M/B tray)
  15. Do you want to replace the whole fan? Or just try to repair the cable? Please take a look here as well
  16. Hi, apologies for the later reply, but can you help me to verify these 2 points? 1. on the fan rgb signal wire, the Triangle thing is pointing to the 12V on the MB RGB header 2. on the back of the FAN, the toggle switch is set to RGB, and not R and B
  17. I'm not sure if you need to connect the RGB fan header to the graphics card? Is that something Asus recommends?
  18. That is an old PSU... close to 7 or 8 years I think? Anyway, it might just have died from the unplugging and plugging, or just old age. Can you take the PSU out from the PC and replug the cable again? Does the LED color change? And, do you have anything to switch on the PSU only? (like a PSU tester) Alternatively, you can contact our support team and they can help you trouble shoot as well. (Details in my signature)
  19. Based on the pictures, this is what each connector means JP1: HDD + Power LED JP2: Audio JP3: SATA (eSATA) JP4: USB JP5: Firewire JP6: USB But, the power button is the blue/white wire on the left hand side of the first picture. Connect that to the M/B header labeled as PWR.
  20. You can disable the lights: unplug the 2pin light connector.
  21. Just to make sure, you followed this FAQ? If yes, you need to request another part (yes, again). You can use the [request part] option when you are logged into fanzone. Apologies for the issues regarding this. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always send me a PM.
  22. Let me forward this to the right people.
  23. The older Nepton 240 will fit in the top. But the newer MLP240 will not: the radiator dimension is bigger But, with some standoffs it could be fitted (depends a bit on your M/B + RAM too).
  24. At this moment, this is not going to happen. But I'll pass the request to the related team members.