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  1. knud

    Project - !-HTPC

    It starts looking nice! I'm excited about the TFT in your case, I find that always cool if people do that
  2. Oh yeah, I remember that now. You can ask for a new bracket yeah.
  3. Mmm, it's hard to see on the pics... (or its just my eyes) Can you take some "over all" pics, taken from the side? AGP doesnt fit in a PCI (-express) slot, you know that right?
  4. I've got the same case, only in black. But you can use the rings to fit your mobo, if its necessay. I've used special mobo screws. for Q3 i don't know the answer, I just guest I right the first time. But are there no signs on the connectors? Look in the manuel for sure... Good luck with it! (replacing your your mobo in this case is very easy, so don't worry! )
  5. knud

    PC Speed Test

    I don´t have the most kick :) system ever, but I´m happy with it and I can do with it what I want, that´s all that matters to me.
  6. Your sig is doin fine with FF, not with IE or avant. Good reason to use FF for me Nice rig btw! Tho, you do need some cable management
  7. Cool! I don't no what the effect of EL wire is, so can't tell you what to take But I sure want to see the results, when they're there.
  8. The etches looks nice! Are you gonna dremel/cut it out and light it with some ccfl?
  9. knud

    What is this.......

    It's always better to spend some more, then spend less, if that means you get quality instead of quantity.
  10. knud

    What is this.......

    WTF? CM stand up and Fight!
  11. And once you overclocked it to 7.22 Ghz, what then do you do? Besides showing it? For give my sceptisism I'm just curious why they trying so hard, that's all. (I'm not all into OC)
  12. Ok, don't want to be rude, but where's the mobo? It's awesome that he reaches 7.22 GHz, but what's the use of it? It's not very handy, if you want to play games at that speed.... correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Maybe you should buy a noiseless fan, like zalman or nexus (sorry, no CM...)
  14. Thanks man, now I understand it a bit better!
  15. What are your temps then? And with what cooler?
  16. But your case have to be open and that's a pitty... cause I don't think if the case is closed, it won't reach 7.22 Ghz, because of the cooling.
  17. Ferry, it looks amazing! I can't wait to see some more pics and results! And I thought my case mod was cool....
  18. knud

    I need a new side panel

    Ron does reply very quick! I know this from my own experience Why can't we order from our european CM dealer, just like you guys?