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  1. Managing 2 RGB LED Controllers - 1 system

    There is a beta software update you could try: (there might be a virus warning, this bug is on the issue tracker)
  2. ML240L - Pump and Fans work, but no RGB?

    Just connect the male one. And put the RGB cables in the RGB controller as well.
  3. Cpu load mode not working

    What happens when you use the regular software (which can be downloaded via the portal)? Not sure about SDK.. this seems just an example that you need to further expand with functions (and compile).
  4. c700p radiator thickness

    Clearance is as follows (measured without fans) Top is 80mm Front is 90mm, when hdd cages installed If the radiator won't interfer with HDD cages, then there will be much more space (including fan)
  5. V750 Noise

    That sounds like a DOA to me. Can you return it to the store and exchange it?
  6. Backligting on Keyboards under Linux

    That's a good tip. Thanks for that
  7. My COSMOS 2 25th is defective ?

    The panel (first picture) you got seems not correct - the side with 3 pins (that go into the chassis to "clamp" the panel) are supposed to have 2 pins with notches (the 2 on the "outside").
  8. Update: Package has been found.
  9. Which thermal grease are you using? And how much?
  10. Sensor not working

    Can you create a support ticket, so our colleagues can help you troubleshoot this. Details are in my signature (fanzone).
  11. There should be an adapter plug inside the black carton (toolbox). It's about 10cm long. WIth that, you can connect other RGB products.
  12. I've asked my colleague from support to look into this. Please stay tuned.
  13. Vertical GPU Bracket

    I don't see it listed (anymore) on the CM store. But normally NewEgg is the one that gets stock of this item. (and it should be the combo kit, bracket + cable). As for the IO panel question: Are you either refering to the motherboard IO panel, or the expansion slots? If the latter, you can remove all the pci-e brackets (you need to remove 7 of them). And yes, I work for CM
  14. mastercase maker 5 fan controller

    You just need a regular sata cable. (Which comes with almost any, if not all, PSUs on the market)
  15. RGB led Fan Controller software not updating

    Check if your anti-virus is blocking the download/installation.
  16. Is it possible to remove the Maker 5 front I/O?

    You can remove the IO panel. Remove the door + sidepanels. Remove the front bezel (there are 3 clips on both sides, open them from the inside (that is why the sidepanels need to be removed) You'll see 2 screws on the front (1 on each side); Unscrew those. Gently pull out the IO panel, also taking care of the cables. Changing the LEDs to RGB.. Can't really help with that, sorry
  17. Vertical GPU Bracket

    Yes, it will fit, without any modifications required.
  18. Can you create a support ticket @ Our support colleagues can take a look at it.
  19. Does he have the MasterBox 5t or the MasterCase Maker 5t? If the latter, he can always open the front door. Box 5t, not much that can be done on the front intake, besides upgrading the fans to pressure fans.
  20. front usb cable won't go into mobo

    Is this the USB 2 or USB 3 plug? USB 3 plug can quite easily have a bent pin on the M/B. (Or even half bended only..)
  21. HAF 922 Windowed Side Panel?

    That won't work, as the height and depth are different from each other.
  22. The 4pin RGB wire(s) need to go to a RGB header. Does your motherboard have such a connector?
  23. Which liquid cooler is best?

    Well, if you can mount the 280mm radiator solution, go for that --> more surface area --> lower temps. But a HAF 912 might need some modding to make it fit. (But zipties work too hehe)
  24. For the 2 holes alignment: Just to make sure we are talking about the same holes. Left side Right side
  25. Missing LGA 775 Socket Type on Hyper 212X

    Please create a ticket via the CM fanzone and request the part there. (Link can be found in my signature)