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  1. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Just to make clear, the fans are non-led. Just to avoid any confusion.
  2. Synchronize the LEDs with Aura Sync

    Disconnect (or shutdown and restart pc) the sata power to the PCB and reconnect. Then select M/B on the C700P. It should detect the M/B signal and you can control the lights via the asus software.
  3. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Sounds like a broken PCB/board. Best would be to request a new part. (support details are in my signature)
  4. liquid cooler warranty

    Yes, but always contact support as each user scenario is different.
  5. liquid cooler leak

    In theory it can happen - but it is not a guarantee. (does it make sense to you?)
  6. It "should" be plug and play. But I'm not familiar with that board and its bios/software. What does Asus AURA show? (and just to make sure: make sure it is installed correctly and not upside down) The fans use 12V-G-R-B btw
  7. Msterbox Lite 5 RGB

    Those are different fans indeed. You'll need these fans:
  8. Why will it not fit

    You need to secure them in a X-pattern. And don't screw it to tight on each turn. (use you hands to secure them at first)
  9. H500P and the Gigabyte ax370 gaming 5

    I believe the 5pin header on gigabyte boards can accept 4pin 5050 plugs, but you might need to set them correctly in the bios. The CM fans use 12v-G-R-B protocol.
  10. Custom Parts for CM Cosmos C700P

    To allow for installation of a dual 5.25" bay device + keep radiator option.
  11. masterfan pro 120 controller

    I don't have too much experience with this product, so I'd suggest to create a support ticket at the CM fanzone (please see my signature for details) and our support colleagues will assist you.
  12. Customize possibilities MasterCase 5 pro

    Yes, the bare frame is a square. 460x460mm. (and 235mm wide)
  13. HYPER 212 EVO HELP ! !!!

    Please create a support ticket at the CM fanzone and request the LGA775 bracket. (Details are in my signature)
  14. v1200 PSU with PCI-E 6 PINs or 8 PINs Connectors

    Yes it will work. The PCI-E cables are the 6+2 pin type.
  15. Customize possibilities MasterCase 5 pro

    Like said above, you need to do some (heavy) modding to make something like that to work.
  16. Managing 2 RGB LED Controllers - 1 system

    There is a beta software update you could try: (there might be a virus warning, this bug is on the issue tracker)
  17. ML240L - Pump and Fans work, but no RGB?

    Just connect the male one. And put the RGB cables in the RGB controller as well.
  18. Cpu load mode not working

    What happens when you use the regular software (which can be downloaded via the portal)? Not sure about SDK.. this seems just an example that you need to further expand with functions (and compile).
  19. c700p radiator thickness

    Clearance is as follows (measured without fans) Top is 80mm Front is 90mm, when hdd cages installed If the radiator won't interfer with HDD cages, then there will be much more space (including fan)
  20. V750 Noise

    That sounds like a DOA to me. Can you return it to the store and exchange it?
  21. Backligting on Keyboards under Linux

    That's a good tip. Thanks for that
  22. My COSMOS 2 25th is defective ?

    The panel (first picture) you got seems not correct - the side with 3 pins (that go into the chassis to "clamp" the panel) are supposed to have 2 pins with notches (the 2 on the "outside").
  23. Update: Package has been found.
  24. Which thermal grease are you using? And how much?
  25. Sensor not working

    Can you create a support ticket, so our colleagues can help you troubleshoot this. Details are in my signature (fanzone).