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  1. I don't see it listed (anymore) on the CM store. But normally NewEgg is the one that gets stock of this item.

    (and it should be the combo kit, bracket + cable).


    As for the IO panel question: Are you either refering to the motherboard IO panel, or the expansion slots? If the latter, you can remove all the pci-e brackets (you need to remove 7 of them).


    And yes, I work for CM :)

  2. You can remove the IO panel.

    1. Remove the door + sidepanels.
    2. Remove the front bezel (there are 3 clips on both sides, open them from the inside (that is why the sidepanels need to be removed)
    3. You'll see 2 screws on the front (1 on each side); Unscrew those.
    4. Gently pull out the IO panel, also taking care of the cables.

    Changing the LEDs to RGB.. Can't really help with that, sorry :)

  3. 1 hour ago, Michael said:

    Yes I know where the screw holes are located for the fan bracket. Problem is, at least on my case, those two holes are not lined up with each other. And even if they were, the bracket has a pointless metal tab that prevents fans from being mounted inside it. The entire rail is designed poorly and creates problems mounting fans inside the rails.



    For the 2 holes alignment: Just to make sure we are talking about the same holes.

    Left side 


    Right side