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  1. (selfmade) fan meter

    Yeah, to measure the RPM of a fan. That's all.
  2. New case

    I like your wallpaper man! To bad I have pcchips, and they don't make such nice programs!
  3. Nice pics man! Good work there!
  4. I have an Ati radeon 9550 256 mb. Stock speeds are 250/400. I've oc'd it to 401/514. (core/mem) But when I push the mem further, I starts showing artifacts. Ofcourse you'd think, but with a lower core, say 370 I can get the mem to 531. Any ideas how this works? And what is more important? Higher core or mem when overclocking? 3dmark03: 3093. (I know, it's not high, but un-oc'd it's only 2501 and my cpu is holding it back, cause thats only a sempron 2200+@1.5Ghz)
  5. Overclocking an Ati Radeon 9550

    The mem heat spreaders, that came with my vga cooler, were to short for my mem. I have rectangular and those were squared. That's explains the artifacts if I higher the mem! edit: here's my vga card, you can see the rectangular mem
  6. Centurion One black case mod

    Thanks! After my exams next week, i'll go futher wit some modding. Buying a mirror first, maybe put some blue ccfl under it. That top fan of yours looks sweet I'm planning of building/dremel my pci fan card in the top!
  7. Centurion One black case mod

    2 new pics. Worked with some UV paint. On the vga card and the Ram. It's not that good to see, you see it better in real time. I'll try to get a real digital cam, instead of my phone cam. Still thinking of a mirror mod, but I don't have any inspiration (don't know what sign to dremel in my mirror) And a question: I want to make hole in the top of my case and using a dual fan card, for air exhaust, instead of using a standard 80/120 mm fan. Is this usefull? I now have 1 exhaust hole/fan.
  8. Pathetic QC

    Logging off by itself? I'm always logged in! (and using FF 1.5 rc2)
  9. CM Stacker 830 Release date

    Very nics temps indeed? Are WD that bad, MM?
  10. Those scetches alone look amazing! I'm eager to see some more pics/results
  11. CM Stacker 830 Release date

    No, The spanish
  12. My CM-Stacker Mod, pls take a look :)

    Looks cool, so far, but paint the beige drives dude!
  13. Centurion One black case mod

    Yes, I am waiting for my blue uv paint. And maybe I'm gonna do a mirror mod (dremel a picture into a mirror, and under lay it in my case, with some blue ccfl)
  14. @ninu: nokia 6230 @Sub-Zero-1: thanks for the link.
  15. Freeware: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Remote Control, nothing more, ohh of course the software from the bluetooth stick, that´s all. Uhm, i have a Nokia, so i guess that wont work?!
  16. I have puppetmaster, but that's shareware, need a licence. @Sub-Zero-1, which program do you use?
  17. My Two Centurion 5s

    It starts looking nice! And I saw a bottle of Jack Daniels, that's always good!
  18. You think? I know exactly which fan is powered by which channel. But 2 AG2/Cooldrive4 is cool, I must say. I'm thinking to buy a AG2, combining it with my AG3.
  19. [pics]Some stacker 830 pics.

    Cool pics! But I'm afraid it's a bit above my budget.
  20. Show Us Your Cases!

    chrisyak, very nice rig! And you did some good cable management, better than I did.
  21. CM Stacker 830 Release date

    I've seen the pics yeah...! But you would think it could fly with 9 fans! I would have to buy another Aerogate
  22. Pics looks nice! And nice work log!
  23. Shall I start a new thread for ya? Zero take all the time you need! We want proper pics, that's worth the waiting
  24. Centurion 1 cac-t01 - please help

    No problem! Hopefully you get it working!
  25. Problem with Asus P4C-800E and AGP grafik.

    I've had a look at the pics. I almost fits, that's for sure. Have you tried to fit an pci card to see if the same problem occurs? If so, then your mobo might be installed to "high". One of my pci card devices was also to short, to fit and I just bowed it a bit, and then it fits Good luck with it! (the pics were a lot better this time )