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  1. EVO Center Screw?

    Normally you can ignore the center screw. A more visual installation guide can be found here:
  2. Real Power Pro 1250W failing

    Please create a support at our CM fanzone and they will assist you further.
  3. Support for Chrome

    How did you try to switch on the backlight? The "scroll lock" key will enable/disable the backlight.
  4. Hyper 212 led turbo

    Normally the "issue" is high/tall memory. But if you use standard memory, it will fit. And you can opt to use 1 fan instead - the performance will still be good, with a lower sound performance as a bonus.
  5. Elite 110 HDD and SSD space

    Can you explain this further please? I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but I cannot picture it.
  6. Can I update a coolermaster 1000 control panel

    No, there is no updated I/O panel for this case
  7. video card slots

    Did you use the thumbscrews or other screws? And did you by any chance take a picture of the installation process?
  8. N300 front panel on a Force 500

    I'll send you a PM
  9. [Warranty] What happens if my AIO leaks?

    There is not really a yes or no answer to this. If something were to happen (knocks on wood) with your AIO - you can contact our support team and they will start an investigation and handle it from there. (We do sometimes get claims of damaged components, but when we tested the whole system, nothing was damaged)
  10. N300 front panel on a Force 500

    Not sure what exactly is broken on your Force 500 front panel, but I did check here and found 1 panel in our RMA department. It is used + has some shop branding on it, but if you want it, I can send it to you, free of charge. Also, the N300 panel does fit on the CM Force 500 body, but you'd have to replace the I/O panel too
  11. AM4 Socket Support

    No, that cooler will not get the AM4 bracket More details here:
  12. Hardline loop in my Mastercase Pro 5

    I bought mine on aliexpress, those are from acrylic. But you can buy them from different vendors/shops and different materials
  13. Hardline loop in my Mastercase Pro 5

    That is a very nice build You are running with 3x intake on the front I assume? Can I recommend some cable combs to finish the build? (there are various materials & sizes to choose from)
  14. Let me link the answer from reddit here
  15. Masterwatt Lite 600W weak 12V output

    Reading out PSU voltages from software is never 100% accurate. If you have a voltmeter, you could use that to measure the 12v line. 11.6v is a bit low, it is well within the 5% margin that is allowed and the PSU will work as intended.
  16. Accessories/Add-Ons Availability please

    You are planning to buy the MasterCase Pro 5, right? As Mohd mentioned, on our CM store (links in my signature) we already have lots of accessories and more are coming soon. As for the LED strip... now it is single color. But.. we will have something better later this summer.
  17. Not happy with RMA

    It won't help now, but did this only happen with the letter "A", or any of the keys? if the latter, it means your repeat rate is set to x4 or x8.
  18. Just, to make sure, you tried these 2 options: Option 1: unlug the keyboard press FN+Right Alt replug the keyboard back in (while keeping FN+Right Alt pressed) This option should make the keyboard go back to factory settings/demo mode. Option 2: keep the keyboard plugged in to the PC Press FN+E for about 3 to 5 seconds This option will clear the keyboards onboard memory And, does the same behaviour happen at another pc, after doing these 2 resets?
  19. Power Button Issue

    Well, a simple solution is a seperate/standalone power switch, like this one: Very cheap and it works just as well.
  20. How do I determine which fan I need

    This sounds like a pre-build PC by Gateway? Can you take a picture of the cooler - because we have no reference here. Thank you.
  21. "Chrono Master" - project

    The end result looks very nice. And the video helps to further appreciate the mod
  22. You can mount a 360mm rad in the front, but you need to remove the ODD bay in order to do so. Also note, not all 12 screws can be used to secure the radiator.
  23. SSD Heat Issues in Cooler Master Elite 130

    If you can touch the SSD and it feels normal, i really doubt it is 50+ degrees Celsius. Perhaps the firmware gives wrong data. Is there a firmware update available for your SSD?
  24. Mastercase confusion

    To start off: the chassis body is the same for the entire MasterCase 5 series. That means, the same frame & same material (metal). The differences are partly on the included accessories and partly on the outside design. You can upgrade from the MasterCase 5 to any of the other models listed below. Or you can downgrade, if you wish to do so. You can buy accessories in our CM store. (links in my signature) An overview:
  25. MASTERFAN PRO 120Air Balance RGB

    You can use them with Aura sync. If you want to control 3 of them, you need to get a splitter. (which is not included)