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  1. 7900X in Cosmos II — Maximum Rad Size?

    It depends on the length of the radiator. The maximum supported length is 320mm.
  2. Since socket 2066 has the same layout as 2011 this cooler is compatible with that socket out of the box. So please double check if your cooler came with the brackets for socket 2011 (see page 10 in the manual) and mount that cooling. Threadripper compatibility is not something we are working on at this moment, for this specific cooling
  3. HAF X - New Front Panel

    it depends on the flavor you like.. but take a look at the COSMOS C700P.
  4. HAF X - New Front Panel

    There won't be another front IO for this case. Unfortunately you are stuck with the current IO.
  5. RGB sync via motherboard

    Assuming that you used the included cable, somehow the M/B doesn't detect the C700P panel (or vice versa). If you select any color on the M/B, does that make any difference? (I never used gigabyte Rgb function, so I don't know this part)
  6. RGB sync via motherboard

    This pin layout does match with the C700P - 12V-G-R-B Did you connect the M/B via the RGB_IN port on the fan & RGB PCB? (which is behind the M/B tray)
  7. Not sure why you were blocked, so I cannot judge that part. Did you get the issues resolved? As for the extra cooling bracket: there is 1 screw hole on either side, but it is located all the way in the top. (it is quite easy to miss, had to look twice myself to see it) The scratched panel should not happen of course - but we can replace it.
  8. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Maybe it can be useful for others: If you press the light button for 3 seconds, it will switch off the lights. And 3 seconds to power them on again.
  9. Product Page or Manual for MasterCase H500P?

    The 200mm rgb fans will come into retail around mid november. Maybe a bit sooner, but not by much.
  10. Update on Masterbox Q300 series?

    on CES 2018 you will hear and see more.
  11. RGB sync via motherboard

    I know gigabyte RGB/RGBW implementation is different from other brands sometimes. If the 4th pin is W signal, it won't work, because it can't recognize the signal Do you have the pin layout details on that m/b?
  12. Cosmos c700p led not working

    You are welcome. If something comes up again, please let us know
  13. MasterBox Lite 5 more HDD space?

    You cannot mount an extra HDD cage. (The text is somewhat confusing in the product sheet, but you'll also see that it is the same spec with or without HDD cage.; the HDD cage is next to the PSU)
  14. Cooler Master v850

    You don't hear the fan, or you don't see it spinning? (the fan will always spin btw)
  15. Product Page or Manual for MasterCase H500P?

    Product page will go live tomorrow The riser cable is Pci-e Gen 3.
  16. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Are you also trying to control the RGB lights via the Motherboard as well? Can you disconnect the RGB_IN cable (on the right hand side)? Does that make any difference? If not, than I'm afraid either the data cable or the PCB itself is broken.
  17. MasterCase H500P Availability?

    H500P in Canada: H500P will be available this or next week in the UK.
  18. c700p Front Panel

    Yep - you can remove the front door and you'll have a fully meshed front.
  19. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Can you take out the PCB and disconnect the fans and RGB connectors and connect another RGB device (if you have it) - you can use the supplied adapter cable - and see if the issue still persists? If so, it means the PCB is damaged. If not, the led bars and/or fans are damaged (which I doubt).
  20. MasterCase H500P Availability?

    I asked around and it should be listed in the canadian newegg soon. That's all the info I have now.
  21. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Alright, let me see if I can find a solution. I'll come back asap. Also: can you post a picture of the PCB - just to see if there is anything odd.
  22. MasterCase H500P Availability?

    Let me check this for you - as I don't know this either.
  23. MasterCase H500P Availability?

    It's almost here
  24. Custom Parts for CM Cosmos C700P

    The seperate parts (that come with the chassis) will become available as spare parts on the CM store. (need to check the ETD, but should be this month.) The vertical graphics card holder will fit. The horizontal SSD cage will fit too, but only horizontal. (You can re-arrange the mounting screws for vertical installation in mastercase.) Another front radiator bracket is in the works.
  25. Cosmos c700p led not working

    It should be plug-and-play. But there is a small delay before the lights start to glow. Do you see the visual indicator in the I/O panel - does that one work? Or also not? Also, please check if the RGB plugs are still plugged into the PCB. (behind M/B tray)