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  1. knud

    Approved AIO radiators for Mastercase Pro 6?

    Forgot to link this FAQ - here you can find an explanation on how to install this size radiator. Different chassis and cooler, but the logic is the same. Perhaps, that will help you.
  2. Short answer: No Long answer: With other 3rd party software you. Artemis can do this. More details here:
  3. knud

    MasterCase H500P Availability?

    Expected release is Q3/Q4 this year.
  4. knud

    network drivers

    Which product do you have? Because as far as I can tell, Cooler Master does not have any wireless network devices. The only product with a wireless protocol is the MasterWatt maker 1200 psu - and that is for the BT dongle.
  5. knud

    60mm radiator??

    You can fit a radiator of ~75mm in the front (inside the chassis). But the fans will need to be on the outside. If you want to mount them on the inside, you cannot use the bottom one (as the mid plate will block it). Does it answers your question?
  6. Can you PM me your ticket number, so I can ask my colleagues from support about it? If you don't mind me asking, but what issue is now still un-resolved? I've read your post carefully, but I'm not sure which issue is still open and which one(s) is(are) resolved.
  7. knud

    Hyper 212EVO AM4 X-bracket standoffs

    In normal circumstances, the standoffs will not get that hot. The only hot part is the CPU and that will be directly cooled by the heatsink itself.
  8. knud

    Fan too loud

    You can let the M/B control the fans. In most scenarios, there is no need to set the fans to maximum speed. (just set the pump to 100% speed). You can also replace the fans with either balance or pressure fans.
  9. knud

    Approved AIO radiators for Mastercase Pro 6?

    That cooler is too big for the top bracket - maximum length supported is 297mm. The h115i is 312mm. However, if you mount the fans first and then mount the radiator, it will fit in the top bracket. Otherwise, you can mount it in the front of the chassis. Normally, tickets should be answered within 2 working days.
  10. knud

    Elite V2 550 WATTS problem !

    Sounds quite normal to me: the PC (and therefore the PSU) is getting under load. Which means, the fan needs to turn faster to keep this PSU cool enough to work. This is a budget power supply, which also means, the noise level is not the quiets. You could look into the GM series for example as a possible replacement/upgrade.
  11. knud

    coolermaster v1000 power supply

    They are supposed to work for many years - the V series have 7 years warranty ( That means, you can apply for RMA. Please create a support ticket via the CM fanzone and they will help you further.
  12. knud

    AM4 Socket Support

    Can you create a ticket at CM fanzone - the support guys will take it from there.
  13. knud

    CM Force 500 - Front Panel USB causing system to crash

    You can apply for a replacement panel via the CM fanzone.
  14. Can you try to reset the Keyboard, to see if that helps with this issue? Also, which OS are you using?
  15. knud

    MasterCase Maker 7

    Well, we've shown the Cosmos C700P - that might fit your need of bigger M/B support (But not XL-ATX) and a window version. And we've launched the Cosmos II 25th anniversary edition with Tempered glass as well.
  16. knud

    EVO Center Screw?

    Normally you can ignore the center screw. A more visual installation guide can be found here:
  17. knud

    Real Power Pro 1250W failing

    Please create a support at our CM fanzone and they will assist you further.
  18. knud

    Support for Chrome

    How did you try to switch on the backlight? The "scroll lock" key will enable/disable the backlight.
  19. knud

    Hyper 212 led turbo

    Normally the "issue" is high/tall memory. But if you use standard memory, it will fit. And you can opt to use 1 fan instead - the performance will still be good, with a lower sound performance as a bonus.
  20. knud

    Elite 110 HDD and SSD space

    Can you explain this further please? I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but I cannot picture it.
  21. knud

    Can I update a coolermaster 1000 control panel

    No, there is no updated I/O panel for this case
  22. knud

    video card slots

    Did you use the thumbscrews or other screws? And did you by any chance take a picture of the installation process?
  23. knud

    N300 front panel on a Force 500

    I'll send you a PM
  24. knud

    [Warranty] What happens if my AIO leaks?

    There is not really a yes or no answer to this. If something were to happen (knocks on wood) with your AIO - you can contact our support team and they will start an investigation and handle it from there. (We do sometimes get claims of damaged components, but when we tested the whole system, nothing was damaged)
  25. knud

    N300 front panel on a Force 500

    Not sure what exactly is broken on your Force 500 front panel, but I did check here and found 1 panel in our RMA department. It is used + has some shop branding on it, but if you want it, I can send it to you, free of charge. Also, the N300 panel does fit on the CM Force 500 body, but you'd have to replace the I/O panel too