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  1. knud

    Fan LED not working after reboot

    This happens when using the standard/stock connectors from the front panel (fan control)? Is the 2pin led wire still connected?
  2. knud

    NotePal Color infinite fan don't work

    Can you create a support ticket and use the [Request Part] option? (Details in my signature)
  3. knud

    H500p and c700p release

    We do read it, but no chance to pull the schedule And we plan to sell these 2 chassis for some time to come.
  4. knud


    Unfortunately, that is how the fan controller pcb was designed. (not really sure why) If you want to replace the fans for LED version, you need to get a fan with LED On/Off function, like this one for example:
  5. knud

    Repair QuickFire TK led

    If you know how to (de)solder, you can try that. Or replace them altogether - however I don't have the tech specs of these leds. Or if you are still in warranty period, apply for RMA.
  6. knud

    Masterbox Q Series

    I'm getting a sample soon - I can check for the CPU height as well - what is the minimum height/support you need?
  7. That is unfortunate. Can you create a support ticket so our support guys can send you a replacement cable? (Details in my signature)
  8. What do you mean by "good reference"? (The Vertical graphics card holder does fit in that chassis; but only supports 1 graphics card)
  9. knud

    How to combine 2 rails of +12V port?

    No, not really possible. However, normally the 12v1 is for CPU (and M/B) and the 12v2 is for graphics card and other devices. (Check the manual for more details) Why do you need a larger current? Any specific application? (not software program)
  10. knud

    Keyboard with MX green switches

    Some of our boards are with green switches, but really depends on the region too. But US market has more demand for green for example. The latest MasterKeys L/S PBT come in green version as well. Ironically, I don't see the green switch in US, but there some in EU:
  11. knud

    Masterbox Q Series

    Those specs are not yet confirmed. But most long GFX cards will fit.
  12. knud

    This case is perfect, ALMOST...

    The issue/challenge here is the max length supported is 297mm and that radiator is longer than that. But with a 25mm thick fan, it should fit If you follow this guide - will it fit better? And if possible, could you post a picture of it please? Thank you.
  13. knud

    Devastator 2 RMA.....No update

    Let me check with my colleagues from support team.
  14. knud

    Quickfire Xti key malfunction

    Well, you could still apply for RMA, assuming there is no physical damage to be seen? (You could try to re-solder the switch, but perhaps the switch itself is damaged - and it will void the warranty for sure.)
  15. knud

    Masterbox lite 5 cant fit 3 120mm case fans

    There are extra plastic plugs in the package. And you can also use regular fan screws.
  16. knud

    Where do I get support?

    I'm checking this for you - please stay tuned.
  17. At the moment, only 2pin led strips are supported on this chassis (Either Maker 5 or Maker 5t). And those only exists in red color. The SATA ones are meant to be universal. However, you can make them work with the controller, but requires some modifications.
  18. knud

    Can't mount it on AM4

    Which or what part is unclear? Take a look at these 2 pictures: One Two
  19. knud

    MasterFan Pro switch broken

    That is very unfortunate. I've changed this switch several times myself and it is a bit hard. But I've not yet broken one (*knocks on wood*). Anyway, you can apply for RMA, as this is not done on purpose of course.
  20. knud

    Coolermaster K350 front fan dont work

    Please create a ticket via the CM fanzone and our support staff will take it from there.
  21. knud

    Peltier cooling?

    We had 1 cooler once with this: V10
  22. knud

    Cosmos II windowed side panel

    The tempered glass will be available around september time frame.
  23. knud

    Hyper 212EVO AM4 X-bracket standoffs

    Not sure when you made the support ticket, but there is a chance they have new stock again of the bracket. Might be a safer route?
  24. knud

    Elite V2 550 WATTS problem !

    Cooler Master GM 550w will be sufficient. Or if you want something more energy efficient - but at a higher price - V550.