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  1. The kit you mention is without that dust cover. We don't have it yet. Let me check the ETD There are 5,25" clips included in the package. Those are designed to hold small devices, such as a card reader or a small function panel. However, I've seen people install an optical drive there as well.
  2. You can take a look at the MasterBox series. It can support e-ATX boards.
  3. Not sure how you contacted CM, but let me inform our support colleagues in Asia about your case.
  4. [Moved to right sub-forum] If you are serious about it, please email me at knud[at]coolermaster[dt]eu Thank you.
  5. Download a profile that matches with your product. Inside the downloaded folder, there should be an executable file that will trigger/activate the effect. (You cannot add them to the software or profile at this stage). Good to hear it
  6. knud

    Air & liquid

    Which Nepton are you looking at? The 120 or the 240 model? The V8 and the Nepton 120XL can support up to 250W TDP. The nepton 240m can cool around 300W TDP
  7. What is your fan configuration? On 1 picture I can see the top fans blow IN the air from the top?
  8. Oh, oops... Damn.. I should pay more attention next time. Sorry And yep, it can support e-ATX
  9. Your 2 radiators are turned 90 degrees, right? This was originally not the intended usage, but let me see if it can be changed/improved in the future. For now, perhaps take a drill and increase the hole direction a bit? Or cut the metal bracket and allow the actual radiator to move up/down direction. (when looking at the picture)
  10. I'm afraid it's time to replace the PSU - the M620 was a good model at the time, but now it is considered quite old. Depending on your budget, either the GM 750 or the V750 can be a good replacement.
  11. Silly question perhaps: Does the bracket fit when you do not install the PSU? (like when it came out of the box)
  12. Yes, both of them will fit. @Modh: tell you a small secret: MasterBox 5 has "official" support for e-ATX.
  13. All I could find is this one: But if you only need the button, I suggest you send them a message or call them (Number is on top of the page.)
  14. I saw the PM - thanks. And we want pictures of the upgrade later of course
  15. As you are in NZ, you might be one of the first ones to have the chance to buy this case
  16. We found 1 complete set. The very last one Can you PM me your shipping address?
  17. Hi Andrew, Ok, got it. Let me check if we still have some. (I'm not in EU office now, so it might take a bit longer before I have the answer.)
  18. Not really sure what the reason for this - but it got fixed in a later batch, starting from: SGK6020KKCL1US1163xxxxxxx As for RMA: See if the shop can help you first - it depends on their RMA policy on how fast they are.
  19. Let me see if we can add some small text/warning on the website as well.
  20. Yes, that Gigabyte board will fit inside the MasterBox 5. I think that board is ATX form factor btw:
  21. The pictures on imgur is gone, so I can't check it. So far, I haven't heard about this issue with other users. I suggest you request a new part - use the link in my signature (Support info) and CM support will send you a new bracket.
  22. Hi there, This is a F/W limitation. We might release another F/W in the future to address/fix this.
  23. You need an extra controller function for that - the PCB and fan controller unit from the Maker 5.
  24. Which specific PCI-e cable do you need? I might have it somewhere. (Sata i should have as well)
  25. It will fit, however, the rubber grommets will be partially blocked. Also see this post