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  1. I am building new pc with MSI x470 Gaming plus MB.  I have ordered ML120r and would like to add 4 additional  140mm RGB addressable fans.  What do I need to order to ensure all 5 fans sync up with Mystic Light . Also would like to add RGB strips.  I would appreciate the help since it doesn't cost any more to do it right the first time

  2. Just to make clear, the fans are non-led. Just to avoid any confusion.
  3. Disconnect (or shutdown and restart pc) the sata power to the PCB and reconnect. Then select M/B on the C700P. It should detect the M/B signal and you can control the lights via the asus software.
  4. Sounds like a broken PCB/board. Best would be to request a new part. (support details are in my signature)
  5. Yes, but always contact support as each user scenario is different.
  6. knud

    liquid cooler leak

    In theory it can happen - but it is not a guarantee. (does it make sense to you?)
  7. It "should" be plug and play. But I'm not familiar with that board and its bios/software. What does Asus AURA show? (and just to make sure: make sure it is installed correctly and not upside down) The fans use 12V-G-R-B btw
  8. Those are different fans indeed. You'll need these fans:
  9. You need to secure them in a X-pattern. And don't screw it to tight on each turn. (use you hands to secure them at first)
  10. I believe the 5pin header on gigabyte boards can accept 4pin 5050 plugs, but you might need to set them correctly in the bios. The CM fans use 12v-G-R-B protocol.
  11. To allow for installation of a dual 5.25" bay device + keep radiator option.
  12. I don't have too much experience with this product, so I'd suggest to create a support ticket at the CM fanzone (please see my signature for details) and our support colleagues will assist you.
  13. Yes, the bare frame is a square. 460x460mm. (and 235mm wide)
  14. Please create a support ticket at the CM fanzone and request the LGA775 bracket. (Details are in my signature)
  15. Yes it will work. The PCI-E cables are the 6+2 pin type.