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    WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    dah ler bro i pm fb page HQ, dia orang macam lantak ask me post here file ticket, very sad their service support this time... as a fan hati dah la sakit and disappointed sikit kalo brand lain dah awal awal tolong i , macam thermalright, dia orang send replacement part foc lagi, thermaltake jugak, itu memang fan orientated support. when pm FB cm malaysia lagi GG, dia orang reply then never tried to help or say anything else, talk about after sales support attitude bro
  2. William Fong

    WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    Hi all, moving house has cause me to lose 2 of the hardisk cage(HAF Stacker Storage Kit ) for my coolermaster haf stacker , i cant seem to find replacement store selling this, im in dire need of help, please any idea, suggestion and help is HIGHLY appreciated .
  3. William Fong

    WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    nope they havent reply me yet, still waiting .... Im from malaysia like u hehe... long time coolermaster user, i still have my first Cm stacker 810 with full custom car body paint jobs haha...
  4. William Fong

    WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    already file a support ticket no reply yet....
  5. wanna ask guys , i have a Manli 9800gtx+ it uses 8pin power molex, my new psu ,cooler master real power pro 650w, have a 8pin +12v cpu molex molex, it should fit right??? but not sure why its darn hard to fit in i take a closer looks like 1-2 pin seems different shape, square where its suppose to be slightly rounder to fit. should i return it for RMA? anyone have such issue, i dont wanan use dual 6pin for better cable management.. thanks
  6. William Fong

    Real power pro 650w 's 8pin and 9800gtx

  7. So guys wats the different between these two? CM Stacker 810 & CM Stacker(STC-T01)
  8. Yup its pearl screen , or widely known as 2k paint, one of my friend's cousin did for me, he's a pro painter for super bike~
  9. Thanks for the praise guys, here's more pics
  10. hi guys i finally got my stacker painted with pearl screen and alittle window mod
  11. William Fong

    WTA The different with CM Stacker 810 & CM Stacker(STC-T

    I see, finally i understands, well , with little mod these problems can be solves for the old stacker too i think, so much space and potential to mod,
  12. William Fong

    White centurion 5

    well ,white cae, hmmm thats dont make my tea, maybe the girl does, drooool~~
  13. William Fong

    CM STACKER PSU BAY - When SIZE does Matter!!

    well dont worry so far i havent seen any psu tat wont fit, plus u can always mod it if its too small for your liking, my friend cut the entired case out and make a slimer and cooler one, hahaa,,, funny, he went though all the troubles even though his psu fits nicely~~
  14. William Fong

    CM Stacker - Cooling and Dust Questions

    1. Do all HD bays have fans mounts? there are not 3.50inch HDD bay, but all 5inch bay, u need a device call 4in3 case to put the 3.5incher HDD. it comes with one unit along the case. 2. Does Cross flow cool the hard drive or just components? Well i dont think so, cause the HDD is infront of the fan, i intend to get one too, it cool down the mobo real nice. 3. Are their air filters? the last thing I want is a server full of dust bunnies in 2 weeks. I think u mean are there dust filter right? well there are on each 5 inch bay cover, but removing all for cleaning it is a hassle, i use a pressure air blower to blow mine every 2-3 weeks. hopes this helps~
  15. William Fong

    Is 4-in-3 device cooler compabitle with Antec 1080AMG?

    ahhahaaa,,,, i have to say , its one heck of a smart design by CM, hope there's a 8in5 bay soon hahahaaaa
  16. a truely unique choices of paint job, truely turn a normal bulky stacker to a sexy stud, ahahahaaaa great job~
  17. yikes, nice man, i love your clean look, very unique indeed, too bad my camera is not here i like to post my stacker here, its a metalic blue stacker in pearlscreen paintjob, different angle produces different color,
  18. William Fong

    ?'s about CMS side panel concerning sound & cooling...

    you can always opt for a fan controller to reduce the fan speed, hence reduce the sound to lower level and still have nice air flow~
  19. William Fong

    [project] i-spider, a stacker mod.

    whau, your modding skills is remarkable~~ respect~~