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    dogin - I think the problem is a drop in voltage that's getting to the light tube. Any extension you try to solder in the path is probably using sub-par wire that isn't intended to pass such a high voltage without excessive leakage due to high resistance. You can buy cold cathode extensions to do this job, and they work pretty well. Buy a pair of extensions for your dual-tube configurations. These extensions are designed for the high voltage side of the inverter (transformer) output. Here's the only place I know to buy the extensions, and they're only $1.50 each and I recommend you buy at least 4 of them to keep a few on hand: ... =g6c75s128 [Mod Edit]Please do not directly post images that you do not host, thanks!!
  2. ....but a great job documenting the hard work you have done. I'm very impressed. I am curious about something. I used the cross-flow fan in my "printer-to-computer-deja-vu" machine, and I'm wondering if you plan on using the fan in your machine. There must be something we can do with lighting effects on the blades to make it stand out from all those other cases using the cross-flow fan...
  3. Congratulations teh_gurl ! Excellent case.
  4. Maybe next time I'll try to look at the build. I didn't see any reference to it. It's not like we have $2500 to drop on the Athlon FX 55, dual graphic cards, 550 W PS, SLI motherboard, dual 74G Raptors, and optical readers / burners.
  5. ...good luck with it. I expect you'll use an Athlon 64 CPU with an Asus nForce4 SLI motherboard. Along with that, you'll need a pair of Geforce 6800 GTs, and 1 GB of Corsair XMS DDR. After all, it's only money.
  6. JessAlba452 - now that spring is around the corner, have you started a new case project yet? Once you start, it's very hard to stop modding...
  7. I bought two of the Cooler Master cross-flow fans, and I think they are just fantastic. However, you will want to control them with a fan controller, as the noise they make at full speed might be too much to tolerate. I used one in my printer-to-computer-deja-vu machine, and I still have the other one in my spares pile. Now these fans are designed to flow air across the motherboard, but you don't have to use them that way. Mine blows air down onto the motherboard / videocard area, rather than across the plane of the motherboard. For fan controllers, I recommend the Cooler Master Aerogate I. You can select three colors, and it is cheap! I bought a few at $15 each. While your buying stuff, get the Cooler Master Musketeer II, which I reviewed here:
  8. Two more pictures of the ATC-710. You might consider trying for one of these. I liked the closing cover in front.
  9. That's on my "honey-do" list. The Plasma stand was just aquired a week or two ago, and I haven't moved the map. The Plasma was sitting on a lower coffee table for the past year. It's hard to figure out where to put that map. I got it from the Defense Mapping Agency a number of years ago when they were handing them out at an open house. We had it mounted on cork so we could mark the places we visit over time. Then we decided that we didn't want to mark up the map! And thanks for the comments on the case. I call this my Unreal case, as it has that Unreal character on the motherboard side panel. My oldest son painted that on there (he is artistic, while I am not). It's illuminated with cold cathodes and looks cool when it's running.
  10. The ATC-710. I have two of these! Of course, they are discontinued too. I don't know why Cooler Master dropped these beautiful cases. Here's two pictures of one of them; this machine supports my plasma in the bedroom...
  11. The Mad Modder - now I get it. I didn't realize it was another site. Ok, I'm signed up there and I posted my latest machine. Thanks for the link.
  12. Congratulations JessAlba452! Hey, where is the gallery of photos? How can I post my picture if I can't find the gallery?
  13. BigAl


    ... a laser-etched flame window? Several companies will make a custom job for you. I have used several times, but their site was down recently for some rework - should be coming up very soon. They had high quality work and good prices.