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  1. I've had a really good read through this topic, and i can't see anyone reporting the same problem as me, so here goes. I have 4 hard drives installed in this sort of configuration ( x represents a dirve and | is blank ) x | x x | x Now, the problem I have is that the whole case seems to be vibrating to the sound of the hard drives, and I get this really annoying pulsating noise. I've cut it down a bit by using foam padding on either side of the drive in the holders against the aluminium brackets, but I really don't think the case should be vibrating like this. If anyone could help me figure out what is causing this I would be most grateful, thanks.
  2. In that case, do you have any plans on releasing a VGA block for the GT 1GB or can recommend somewhere I might be able to find one? (I know your not supposed to promote competitors but if you dont make one ) p.s. Thanks for the super fast reply
  3. Does anyone know if the Glacier 9200 addon block for the Aquagate Max will fit a GT with 1GB of memory. I see on the product page it specifies the GT and has a (512 M) put beside it, just wondering if you had tested it with a 1gb at all.
  4. This is looking pretty sweet, I hope maybe one day to have modding skills like that
  5. Hehe, looks like spraying a black and silver one it is then
  6. Hey, anyone know where I can pick up a centurion 5 in red trim? I have looked all over the web and not found anywhere, have coolermaster stopped supplying them?
  7. I certainly hope CM will be bringing out an adaptor plate for the aquagate which will fit an AMD Socket AM2, thats my next planned upgrade route...
  8. I painted the inside of my case black and it made it look so much better, would of preferred some kind of black anodised finish ofc, but there you go...
  9. bust The mod is by Coolermeister you know, and he is the MD of http://www.coolercases.co.uk
  10. Do you want me to scan the pages in from Custom PC?
  11. Even thought you withdrew it i thought i should mention that this mod is in "Custom PC" issue 27 pages 124-126 Well done
  12. You will first need to host the image at a image hosting site like Image Shack or Photo Bucket, then once you have hosted the file, copy the url of the pictures located and paste it between [ i m g ] and [ / i m g ] to get it to display!
  13. Why? Why watercool the ram? Because you can?
  14. Maybe its a secret project from Coolermaster to make it into the high end watercooling area???