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  1. iv got a new 850watt coolermaster psu and im having a problem. I have got 3 cathode tubes with switches, 1 set has 2 tubes and the 1 more by itself. Now the issue is when i switch either one of them on or off, it restarts my computer. i cannot see what is going on. the cabling is okay, power consumption is not high. The temps are low on the cpu. Im just lost for word. Any advice would be nice!!!!!
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    hpyer 6+

    hi all, it been a long time since i done a thread. been busy working as always. but here we go. im slowly upgrading my pc and iv just bought asus maximus formula with 4x1gb Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 Xtreme Performance Memory and seagate 500gb sata hd. Im still keeping my Asus x800 platinum graphics card, tagan 480 psu and 3.4ghz prescott cpu cooled by coolermaster hyper 6+. going to purchase 2 asus 2900 gpu's and coolermaster 850w psu later. im planning to get a E6850 3Ghz Socket 775 CPU but will the original coolermast hyper 6+ will be able to handle it? If not any sugguestion on which CPU cooler that would be good? cheers for your help
  3. double check if the thermal sensor has not moved. If it hasn't moved then top up the tank of coolant. if it is still overheating then try moving the thermal sensor to another location. IF IF that doesnt help, them still a big room cooling fan in forn t of the aquagate. That will definately work...(last resort)
  4. that is a yes to both blue ice on the mb and the zalman on the asus n7800GT. There is one thing i dont understand is why you have taking off the heat pipe from your mb and replacingit with the Blue Ice. the heat pipe is connected to the mofet near the cpu. Isnt that like one whole piece or are you planning to cut the end off... as for the zalman VF900 Cu, it has four different wholes for its position on various NVIDIA card. take a look at there website. it explains all. here is the link: scroll down to the bottom of the table and look at number 5 in the VGA Card table.
  5. have a look at the cm part shop for your case under the RMA case. here is the like. ... cts_id=137 have a look and ask for robby for any enquiries. im sure you could get the case you want, a little bit cheaper...that all depends on you...
  6. I have the STC-T01 and flow of air is much better than the RC-810. Having the cross flow fan does make a small difference but it all depends on what you are putting in. When i look at it thi way for my computer, it better than the RC-810. From the front of the case, you have the 4-3 module which pulls air, then comes to the cross flow fan, which then goes through my first fan for my hyper 6+, then exists the hyper6+ rear fan, then out of the exhaust 120mm fan. With the 810, you dont get the option for the cross flow fan so the air being drawn from the front will slow. I dont know if this will help your decision...
  7. Check the sensors it self individually and see if one of them is defective. Normally the red light only flashes when it not read all the sensors. Does your CD4 also beep when you start your computer. if it does then one of your sensors is fried. if not, have you tried to do the manufacturers reset. i think to do this you have to press the cpu button and the circle button in the middle. Please refer to the manual for this... let us know what happens?
  8. i love what you have done...absolutely excellent...
  9. there is only two thing that can make this happen really and they are: 1) there is air is the system which will after a while when computer is in contanst use 2) the thermal sensor has moved from it previous position. this is probably why the temp is different now. i had the same problems and it was number '2' for me.
  10. the water block is properly secured to the cpu, the thermal sensor correct and only place it will stay still and yet im still having problems. i know i have no air bubbes, i hardly top up the fluid on a regular basis because it does need to be so i dont know whats going on. Right now i have an industrial, office air con unit sitting right in front of the aquagate fan so that it blow cooler air in so that i can use the computer for a longer period of time. i know that i will have problems when it come to summer but i didnt think it would be this bad....
  11. i am now removing the two bay Aquagatefor the fact that it constantly overheat and keeps forcing me to close all applications so that i dont have to turn off the computer.... all this because of the british weather i love it but my computer does agree so i am wondering which stock fan would be best at the moment until i have the correct funding to build my own DIY watercooling kit with the help from merovingian. there is the choice of: 1) hyper 6+ 2) Hyper 48 what do you guy think? opinion please needed?
  12. when the first aquagate was released, i was not designed for the 775 socket so all the other cpus, k7,k8,939,754 all used the two barb connection but later as time past they release the aquagate with a 3 barb cpu block that was compatitable with all the other cpus including the 775.
  13. No problem As for i don't know the answer to this.But yes the 80mm fan is a 3pin connection but by opening that the aquagate, you will be breaking your warrenty if not broken already.
  14. thats old, that is discontinued...i got one here but i havent installed because that they tend to crack easily and this was enough to stop the production like for all waterblock for the aquagate apart from the Trident. There is a thread with my email that i had recieved from coolermaster about the waterblocks). but here you are. a compy of my email: Hi Shailesh, No problem it's my job... Well some of the parts where defective we found that the plastic part isn't strong enough and that in some occasions with a little bit to much pressure putt on it it breaks and starts leeking. This was enough to stop the production for now I know that there are some shops still selling it but these are the last ones available. You could check these sites if you want to purchase them anyway; ... 34_488.htm l If you Google the item codes you will still find some stores which have these parts on stock but better be sure if you buy one to check it very carefully before unpacking it for cracks. Best regards, Robby Bottenberg Coolermaster-Europe B.V.
  15. version 2 to what as actually?
  16. if you are going to cool both nb and gpu, of course you should know that no output can go directly to the NB and the other outlet to the gpu. Then you can use the Y connector or preferably a 'T' connector to the intake of the aquagate... good luck with your build and please post pics when finished...
  17. in the aquagate it self, there is only one port for the output of the coolant which is the lower connection and the upper is the intake of the warm coolant coming from the system... there is three holes in the waterblock for the cpu. the middle is the hole were coolant goes into the block and the other two (on the left and right of the middle holes) is were all the water comes out of the system. If you are not cooling either the nb or gpu, you will then have to use the Y connection which should be given to you. connection this y connection to both of the output of the water and then follow that connection to the intake of your aquagate module... hope this helps...
  18. i got one and it does seem to like any of the intel chips thats 775 or dual core (intel wise) but it seem to be fine with all AMDs. Unforunately i have the intel version an now im having second doubt and is going to replace the aquagte with a D.I.Y version....You should be ok....
  19. i like this way...look much different to what people tend to always see these thing in a vertical but never horizontal....i say go for this way
  20. that must of hurt....owwww...i hope you get better soon...and take your time
  21. i like what you have done so but how is it going now...what have you done so far?
  22. after having a few difficulty with the aquagate ALC-U01 (stating it overheats when playing a games forcing me to end the game) im looking to change my cooling set. I am new to the hole WC but air cooling is not for me... i am wondering what you guys would use to cool the following: CPU - P4 540 Prescott 3.2ghz 775 socket GPU - Asus x800xt Platinum NB - Intel 925XE please help?
  23. what i tend to do is to make sure that one side of the brezel is aligned properly and play around with the other side. if it goes in too far, push it out from the inside of your case. You can tell when they are align but the brezels making a small click sound. Once you hear that, i think you have it then. basically from what you have done, you will need to swap the clips that lock the 3-in-4 around from left to right and right to left(the long black stripes). It is possible you have the left on the right and right on the left. I have done that a few times when i got the case for the first time. once it goes in, now you will be able to put the front brezel in with no problems.
  24. very impressed that the aquagate is capable of pumping the coolant around the system and throught that big rad...after looking at yours, im thinking of doing the same but i must ask, what does your pc look like now and how is the temperature after putting everything in... the case temp must make a little bit different with your temp noted on the thread (35c).
  25. i know how you feel, i leve close to heathrow and just to keep my computer too a low temp, i have to use fan speed 3 and it reminds me of all the 747 taking