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  1. I have already seen a lot of topics in which people share their problems/solutions regarding the usage of their Stacker (STC-T01) case. Some of these problems have been noticed by CoolerMaster, and have already been solved in newer revisions of the Stacker. However, there are still a lot of people having trouble with the Stacker and have good idea's on howto improving the Stacker and/or (availability of) accessories. This topic is an initiative of serveral Dutch/Belgium Stacker owners from and can best be seen as an attempt to gather all remarks/tips/comments/problems people have for further improving the Stacker. In this way CoolerMaster will have the ability to create the ideal Stacker based on inputs from users and have a fixed location where all stacker issues come together. We already composed a detailed list of known Stacker issues (which I voluntarily translated ): 1. Floppy Brackets. Despite the fact that these issues have officially been solved in newer revisions of the Stacker, there are still a lof of people having trouble while trying to install a floppy drive. The most considerate problem is that the floppy drive sticks out too far out of the case or is too far inside the case. Attempts to solve this problem by contacting CoolerMaster often results in receiving free new brackets having the same problem! 2. Extension Cards. Some users are experiencing badly fitting PCI cards in their Stacker. CoolerMaster has already recognized this problem and offers a solution using this form on their website: 3. Sidepanel Fan (attachment). The two attachment pins for attaching a 80 mm fan in the side panel, are not the same height. You have to bend the pins towards each other in order to be able to attach a 80 mm fan. 4. Sidepanel Fan (size). The ability to attach larger fans to the side panel (i.e. a 120 mm fan) would be appreciated by a lot of users. These fans are often more silent and can produce a higher airflow. 5. Control panel integration in top of case. Some users have been arguing that it would be better to integrate the front panel possiblities at the top-front of the case (i.e. at the location of the CM Stacker logo). By doing this users could maximize the Stacker's utility by using three 4-in-3 modules, while at the same time having space for a floppy drive and two optical drives. 6. Top 80 mm outtake fan noise level. Many users are disappointed to determine that the 80 mm outtake fan at the top, is significantly more noisy than all the other fans. As silent solutions are often appreciated by users it might be a good thing to go for a more silent fan. Maybe increase its size to 120 mm and use the same fan as the one attached to the backpanel of the case. 7. 5,25" covers. The possiblity to order additional 5,25" covers will highly be appreciated. Some users don't want to use a floppy drive and they are stuck with a 5.25"-to-3,5" conversion cover. People would like to use two 3,5" locations and have only one 5.25"-to-3,5" conversion cover and only one pair of 5.25"-to-3.5" brackets. And if a cover would damage or break, it would be nice to have the ability to order a new one. 8. PSU adapter. The supplied PSU adapter should have to ability of using a 20 or 24 pin connection on each side, so that all combinations of PSU's are possible. A possibility to order it seperately will be appreciated. 9. Dust filters. Many users would like to have a dust filter for the intake of the Cross Flow fan or for the bottom of the case. 10. Cross Flow Fan (speed regulator). It would be very nice to integrate the cross flow fan speed regulator at another position of the case, so you won't lose a pci slot. 11. Cross Flow Fan (cooling/noise). The cooling ability of the cross flow fan is only noticable at the highest cooling state. This state makes the cross flow fan very noisy compared to all the other fans in the case, which is a pity for the silent-freaks among us. 12. Cross Flow Fan (location). Another (minor) disadvantage the crossflow fan is its location. As a lot of airflow is blocked by memory banks or flat cables its ability to cool efficient is decreased. Maybe it is a good idea to mount it at the top of the case, blowing down. Final remarks: - Dear people from CoolerMaster: This list is meant to help you improve the Stacker. None of us think the Stacker is a bad product. We are all proud users! - Forum visitors: feel free to join in on the discussion - Take into consideration that most remarks in this topic are based upon experiences with the Stacker STC-T01. If the new Stackers will become available, it is probably best to make a new topic for these cases. This does not mean that the remarks in this topic cannot be used for improving new versions of a Stacker case. Hopefully everyone will participate seriously in this topic P.S. a copy of this topic can be found on:
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