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  1. sorry, not familier with it.... what is it and where do you get it?
  2. the water is distilled yes, first i filtered it then distilled it, so there was less minerals etc in the water. I was refering to engine coolant, or a special pc coolant, you can get a few, they are supposed to be more heat conductive, therefore heating up quicker at the source, and cooling down quicker at the resevoir. I wont bother with the cost/hassle of bleeding the system if its not gonna make any difference.
  3. at the moment iv just got standard filtered water, with anti-freaze diluted. Any idea how much difference it will make if i use proper coolant (i.e. in terms of temp reduction..?)...and is there any reason that a wc system would reject coolant?? the wc system is of a comp. brand, but just wondering if coolant doesnt like anything in perticualr...i.e. certain types of tubing, metals etc. any help appreciated.
  4. yeah, im no big time photographer so i dont have a fancy camera. I was thinking about spraying the grills black, iv got some prima and black gloss in the garage, so we'll have to see.
  5. Just did this little job to increas airflow to the main board. Was getting high temps as the two front ports are taken up by WC and the rear is an exhaust. drilled 4 screw holes and 8 slightly larger holes in a diamond shape under the grill (not seen in picture, and is very subtle even close up. I thought turning the fan grills on there side looked quite cool, having the diamond aposed to the normal square. The grills are the standard ones that come with the stock WM internal case fans, i just used these to save cash and as they match the one on the rear. (+ i also like simple but effective stying). Iv got a couple of blue LEDs lying arounf i might fit behind the holes to give a glow, or might just paint the fans with UV paint as iv got a couple of strip lights in there (pointless really as i have no window, but are usefull when im working on the inside). Pics:
  6. yea the case is ok now, it goes up and down quite accurately with the room temperature, must be cause of how heat conductive the case is (as there isnt any airflow coming from outside the case) The CPU temp is now about 40c and the inside case temp about 39c, so im happy with that. Room temp about 23c. Im an old school man myself, best song: pink ego box. Its a b side on one of there earlier singles, I did a CD cover design for it fro my first year media project (well part of it). Its here: http://nathanhornby.co.uk in the 2003 portfolio i think.
  7. I got the CPU temps a bit more by making the rer fan exhaust, instead of blow, now sits at aroun 41-42c during normal use.
  8. I swapped the rear fan over, so that its extracting now rather than blowing (see diagram in my other recent post). Iv now got the CPU temp to stick at around 41-42c, all the time, even under a little load, the front of the case is a lot cooler as well (to touch the front was hot as :), as thats were the main cooling unit is for the wc). The temp in the case is still at around 44-45c (according to the musketeer I anyways) and that is the temp after about 5 hours constant running, it starts alot lower than that, then lvls about there. which is high, but i think its pretty impressive that iv got the CPU colder than the ambiant case temp p.s. I love muse (matt bellamy rocks), seen them on there last 2 tours and have a CD collection of about 23 (inc. promos) I have showbiz on tape, and about 8 vinyl I didnt know they were really known in the us..?
  9. I would suspect two things. Is there a ground cable for the front panel (a metal disk hooked up to a wire that will just be dangling)? If so just screw that to something in the case, or tape it to the frame or something. Second you might just have a faulty front panel. Iv seen em before, posibly contact your supplier and ask for help from them, and they might be able to replace the unit. Also make sure that your plugging the USB connector into the mb the right way (i dont think you can do it the wrong way due to 1 or 2 blank pins, but try anyway). Hope you have some luck
  10. This job is the customisation of a competitors componant, so i wont refer to the name of the product, simply the work i did to it. I basicly took the GPU heatsink hooked it up to the wc line, and attached it to the rear fan (not the GPU). This ensured a constant, cool airflow over the block. I also mounted a case fan suspended over the CPU block, and RAM modules, to aid in the cooling. The GPU fan is mounted to the rear case fan via the filter that comes with the wavemaster, intended for the blowhole mod. I have then mounted the suspended case fan onto the GPU block. This mod simply adds an extra cooling device to the wc chain, and enables me to turn down the noisy exhaust fan on the main resevoir. The temps differ, but are normally around 42-46c on the CPU block, which doesnt sound too cool, but the temp inside the case is 45c, so the temp of the CPU block is essentially the same as the ambient temp (this is hot as there isnt much airflow through the case). The pic of the mod and a pic with scribbles on is below: any questions please ask, and or tips appreciated.
  11. On another note. cooling wise; After about 2-3 hours of running my new comp. the temp of the cpu block gets to about 43c, and the temp on the inside of the case is about 39-40c. Are these temps ok, it runs cool for a while, but seems to strugle cooling it down after a couple of hours, but does maintain its heat at around 43c. any input appreciated. nathan
  12. Cool, to be honest its a new graphics card, GeForce 6600 256mb, I dont game enough to make spending the money on a GT or a 6800 worth while. I mainly do alot of media publishing and 3d modelling, so the CPU score is more important to me, Thanks for the input. nathan
  13. My results on my new system are: GFX 4,131 CPU 10,960 ------------ 34,764 The CPU block didnt stray from about 35c throughout the test. ambiant temp in case about 30c I did notice that there was some tearing and/or odd behavior from some of the polygons, but it did run hella quick and smooth. Any idea why it teared a little? Nathan
  14. im with that guy^^ im not familier with this 'direct die cooling' Please elaborate.
  15. If you really like cold, and really like quiet then you should go for a WC system. Iv got a competitors model hooked up to both my GPU and CPU (makes a max noise of 25db, i repeat MAX noise of 25db (and thats for both GPU AND CPU)) Iv got just one exhaust 80mm stock fan ( ~23db - but runs quieter cause I keep it low with a musketeer) (on the wavemaster) and an akasa paxpower silent (18db) PSU. Thats an approximate accumulated db level of 56db (give or take) muffled by both the case and also the sound proofing matts and pads on fans to cut out vibration, I should test the noise level, but I cant imagine its more than about 36db outside of case, which is pretty good. Doesnt sound like much cooling but my inside case temp sits at around 27c-31c and theres hardly a noise to hear (havent done enough testing yet to get accurate CPU temps, but they're low enough for overclocking). Theres alot to say for WC when it comes to both keepin it cooler, and noise reduction. I would like one more fan blowin into the case, but I dont want to sacrifice the top USB ports (handy for memory stick even though I got 6 on the mb...there at the back!) and the front two ports are taken with the WC cooler, so I might have to customise at some point, I might get up the courage to drill a port on the side panel, and whack a silent as :) fan in there. But my PC does everything, music, TV and multi media production (at UNI) so the quietness is also important to me :-) good luck on your hunt for the quietest PC