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  1. I am getting a H70 From the research I have done the H70 uses a "push/pull" system, with two fans as opposed to the one with the H50. I have a CM Storm Sniper Black Mesh Edition case, the way the fans are configured in that is the rear fan, which I will have to remove for the H70 is an exhaust fan. And turn it into an intake fan. One of the features of the CM Storm case has been designed to cause a front-to-rear wind tunnel effect, it also has the added exhaust fan at the top of the case. I was wondering if the configuration of the fans with the H70 can be played with so as to maintain the CM Storms front-to-rear wind tunnel effect. I do not plan on overclocking my machine, I just want the temps on CPU to lower.
  2. Yes I have been considering a reapply of the thermal goop. Which brings me to my next question, I have heard conflicting arguments about whether silver paste is better or worse. My CPU cooler is a AC-ALPINE-64PRO ARTIC, which according to artic site I should use MX-2, as this is my first CPU cooler replacement, I am concerned that if I put too much of the silver compound on it could stuff everything up So I am inclined to play it safe and go for the MX-2, or should I step it up a notch and go for the MX-3?
  3. PHENOM II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AC-ALPINE-64PRO ARTIC COOLING CPU COOLER COOLER MASTER SNIPER BLACK EDITION PC COMPUTER CASE Thermaltake 875W Toughpower XT Cable Management PSU GIGABYTE 9800GT PCI-E GRAPHICS CARD When I first built this CPU temps under load would be lucky to reach 38C. I know the limit on this CPU is 62C. However over the past week I have watched CPU temp steadily increase. It now idles at 42-44C and under load gets up to 50C. I have pulled the tower apart, cleaned all of the filters, and used compressed air over the CPU and fan. However at idle it is still reaching temps of 41C. I know this is not particularly high. But I am curious as to know why all of a sudden the temps have risen. So time for a better CPU cooler?, maybe reapply some new thermal goop? I have had the tower now almost four months.