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  1. I painted the aluminum on my stacker with auto top coat and then polished it to look like glass. It actually accents the brushed aluminium finish. and i never get fingerprints.
  2. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but you are also taking very nice photographs.
  3. I'm Sorry but I've always been a function over form guy. There will never be a better stacker than the STC-TO1. I welcome the 830 to the Stacker family. But to me it's pretty much a second cousin.
  4. I hole hardly agree Powerslide.
  5. sir.Pissalott


    Yes you can I did it and it looks great. You can even take off the logo on the front easily it's held there with a little glue. Just be careful to not open the case, just the 4 screws 2 on each side near the front. it will come right off. good luck.
  6. Hi Exit. The best thing to set up is a manifold with 4 outlets. so that you can have a dedicated line to each water block. if you need to know how to do this and to learn the advantages just ask.
  7. The CM Stacker has to be made out of steel because of it's design.
  8. sir.Pissalott


    Make you own using EL neon Wire. It can be cut to any length and if you want it to look like a neon tube just get some plastic tubing and run it back and forth in the tube as many times that it will fit and then cut off the excess. Something like that.
  9. Hi Drspock Welcome to the forum. I also have a Stacker and So I took a look at mine and determined that there are two possibilities either someone dropped your Stacker or your motherboard is in installed incorrectly. So if you double and triple check to see if is installed right and you find it to be correct, them you need to take the case back. The Stacker is so well built that if it has been dropped and there by misaligned you will never be able to realign it yourself And I agree with RaporFury Don't boot it with the cards like that you're just asking for trouble You could temporally chosen the screws near the bottom of the motherboard until the sound card fully seats. That is if we are only talking millimeters. And like i said only temporally. Good luck and let use know how it goes
  10. Like this? [/img][/url] This is the Aquagate II BTW.
  11. They're $119 apiece! This is my first web page! I'm so brand new at this so please let me know if the link works and that I'm correct in setting it up. If this all works I plan on buying a digital camera and making work logs of all the modding I'm going to do. and don't get mad at me if this is the wrong place to post it.
  12. Very nice POLO on several points. Your rig, the idea of two Aquagates, And your appreciation of their products quote from balilu: I haven't ever heard that cooler master say that the Aquagate can cool CPU GPU Chip set and HDD so you're wrong because Aquagate was made for cooling one component only, mainly the cpu but it can be used for gpu as well or hdd only And balilu the support of cooler Master Products. All so Cooler Master had on there web site a flash demonstration showing all four water blocks hooked up. I assumed that meant you could do it. So go look at it , It's pretty cool. I was going to get another Aquagate, But I was going to have them support each other not independent. But i was going to have one lcd monitor GPU and the other monitor CPU. Thx again it's nice to see someone support Cooler Master products on the Cooler Master forum. And welcome to the forum. And you need to show me how to post pictures so I can show my rig off too.
  13. What moron is saying is you can take the back panel off where the PSU goes and it should slide in from the back I looked at all the tagan PSU's and there's not one of them that wont slide through the back. But yes you can remove your cage I did. I had to drill out some rivets and braise the back plate directly to the case and paint it . It looked mush better with out the cage. Good luck.
  14. And while you're at it pry off the perforated grills
  15. You're going to have to paint with clear and then sand and buff and polish. It's the only way. Don't even think of doing any thing to the metallic paint you will just make it worse.