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  1. Helloo-- would my Aquagate be able to cool a AMD 64 4000+ (San Diego core) and do it well? Right now I have a AMD XP 3200+ at 12.5 mulitpler x 200 FSB 28-30 C idle 30-38 C Load thanks in advance
  2. nah, Ive got the rails at what they should be, or atleast .1 off from it. I dont get it because I have one as my CPU1 fan it and dimmed out, and I have new new blue one as in chasis (two fans on heatsink) and the blue one is still bright, and I have another blue one tahts still bright for 2 months know when the purple oneds dimmed in a month
  3. cant be, I have a Antec True Control 550 PSU. Its gotta be a defect in the Fans because I have a newer blue one that hasnnt dimmed at all. still waiting for a reply from the RMA department from Cooler Master..
  4. how am I supposed to direct the email too them? heh, not like I can go "these fans are dim, gimme new ones" heh. thanks for your help
  5. I have recently cleaned them and they still are quite dim. and no, i haven used any splitters I just used the molex provided. Its listed as purple. I have UV LEDs in another case, this are indeed purple my friend
  6. hello, I have some Cooler Master 80mm LED fans (5, Purple LEDs) and When I bought them (december 2004) they were bright and vibrant. But within 2 weeks they got noticable dim. Recently I bought another 80mm fan with Blue LEDs and its still bright as the day I plugged it (3 weeks ago) into the molex. So im curious if this is a problem with older fans? If I were to purchase new ones, would they stay bright or just dim out like my other purple ones?.. box says "Neon LED Fan" if that matters at all. I asked this to technical, but both respons had nothing in them. Id appreciate any help.