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  1. i would love to enter the case mod compo but i've spent far too much money of me cm case and bits to pull it apart , drill holes , add flashong lights and such. ( plus the gf would kill me seeing as she paid for most of it as an xmas pressie). But if was a "who has the cm In their case comp" i'll give it a go.
  2. just asking as i've connected 2 to the coll drive four it seem to make no difference both read at 1920
  3. got 4 of these in systen and when i bought em the webby said 1900-3000 rpm does this mean they ajustable via the cool drive 4??
  4. gotta say wot a waste of a side !!! instead why not use a clear side panel with a 80 mm air intake hole backed up with a blue neon fan??
  5. any one got release date for uk??? And is ir worth swapping my jet 7 for one?