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  1. I bought an AQUAGATE just before it started to come 775 ready, I have no upgraded and am in need of this, is there anywhere I can get this clip?
  2. that does not answer my question. what do other ppl have it set to on an amd chip?
  3. Would really like to know.. it is alwase hitich the 38c mark and turning off
  4. kozlojak

    Aquagate tubing

    anybody else have a problem with the tubing being VERY stif. i want to add a VGA water block but am unsure as to if i will be able to get the pipe where i need it to go as it does not like to bend much.
  5. it only seems to do it on the really hot days. does that mean anything to anybody ?
  6. the Aquagate was set at 38c by default but on a hot day it is hitting the 38c shutoff temp.
  7. some days when i turn on my computer the Aquagate makes a ticking sound. and i turn it off and back on does not help. but when i turn it off at night and turn it back on in the morning it workes fine.
  8. lookes like i fixed the high temp problem i reput the heatsink on and made sure all the air bubles where out. i lost 10c from doing that i tried a new temp prob and am stil having the same problem 20c lower then the mainboard reports. i beleve the mainboard one befor this one.
  9. Is there a way to offset the temp sensor lcd display? it seems to be about 20c below what it should be. also the computer is running the same temp as it did with the stock HSF. what could be causing this? UPDATE. it seems that the temp jumps around a lot will jump from 50 to 57 then 50 again in a second Thanks