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  1. am i alone here to think that the case is uglier than the silver? black aluminium with black mesh has no contrast and makes it look dull.
  2. Then in three months time when that has fallen apart you'll go for a stacker? dont be unfair. ive had my Armor for a year now and nothing has happened. not to mention how its more sturdy than the 830 and also has lots of room in it for a dual radiator and 11 bays as opposed to 9 for the same external dimensions. and i wont even go to the pci issues the 830 has when the armor was plug n play from the box. and all that for £90 less.
  3. great... and the black ice gt series is out now and the height for a single rad is 157mm. two mm bigger than the fan bracket can hold. i seriously dont see a way to water cool the case without hacking it. seems im gonna have to sell it.
  4. zerospace, we are not asking for perfection. if it has a scratch or anything on it from the factory then its fine thats a minor issue that needs fixing and can be related to requesting perfection. getting a case that works is not perfection even for the cheapest tin cases out there. its meant to do something and work properly. the 830 doesnt do that apparently. thats not asking for perfection, thats asking for a product that works as advertised. its not a minor flaw we are discussing here, its a major flaw that is unacceptable. like i said before, maybe a defective USB port or the door not seating properly on some models is a minor flaw and it would be unheard of to request that such things dont happen. but when the whole line has such a major flaw as to render it unusable is inexcusable. i havent had the chance to install anything on my 830 since i dont have hardware at the moment. i plan to do so in a few months from now so at the moment im not in position to complain for it but i am simply possitive at this point that i will have the same problems as others.
  5. you see what worries me is that even with that thing the width of the case is not enough for a rariator and fans on the side. the thickness of the radiator and the fans on it is much greater than the distance between the side panel and the pci cards.
  6. frustration does build up and it gets out of hand some times. especially for me, because right now i have no pc to put in the case. i dont even have any spare parts at least to see if the pci slots are ok. i plan to get my next system around xmas and i dont think ill take it easy if my case is defective. in any case, having said all that, graphics cards are PCI devices and as such they do have problems like all the other devices. by the way, zerospace, your sig is insulting me and every other Greek in this forum, if any.
  7. anyone care to explain what this is and when we are going to see it on the shelves if at all?
  8. for 170 brittish pounds the 830 is the most expensive empty pc case that has ever existed. the only one case that is 220 pounds has a water cooling fitted in it. for that kind of money, where i am from its not foolish at all to expect something flawless. then again maybe we have higher standards here and expect to get what we pay for. thats my opinion and you will notice that most people from europe think the same. one thing i cannot understand. some people complain about the front panel cables disconnecting easily and that they arent long enough. in my case they are perfectly long enough to reach everywhere and having pulled them sensibly hard a few times none has disconnected from the front pannel. this brings up the question: are there two versions of the 830? are those version based around region (europe/america) or around construction (fixed flaws)?
  9. toss a pair of dual core cpus in it and you will need a server PSU with redundancy. in short, you are going to a different league. so why buy the clone and not the original?
  10. me personally im a bit more forgiving about the quality control. I think its ok to have a few issues with a new product. after all you cannot predict every possible problem. however what i do not forgive is that the release date of the case has been pushed back more times than i care to count and that it costs alot. given those two factors its unforgivable to release a product anything short of flawless.
  11. if you got this system get yourself a real server PSU with redundancy rather than this overpriced lame clone. you cant really win such an argument case there really isnt any point in the existance of this PSU. especially now that hardware companies are more power consious.
  12. agreed, the psu will only draw as much current as the components required at a theoretical 100% efficiency. so if my 500W psu is drawing 400W for my system and the 1000W psu does the same, what is the point of buying the 1000W psu again? this is just another proof that companies go fishing with high numbers and "wow" factors and unfortunately their fishing nets are always loaded. That PSU server absolutely no purpose. you can say that you need it for a machine with lots of hard disks or lots of peripherals or even a server but if thats the case get yourself a proper redundant server PSU not that half-the-way clone of server psu.
  13. i have a question. i have a stacker 830 right here but i dont have a pc to put in it and i dont plan to have one until maybe 2007. i bought the case because i wanted to be one of the first who get this "miracle" in their hands. you can laugh at me now. the question is: if later on i discover i have problems will CM provide solutions or is it a short period you will be giving away stand offs and other stuff? on another note, every reviewer says the case is rock solid in terms of construction but mine bends and twists rather easily. nothing is wrong with the construction, all screws and rivets are in place, it just seems the aluminium isnt strong enough. whats up with that?
  14. if HP follows industry standards (and they should) the server mobo must be e-atx which is supported by most big cases such as the stacker. as for power supply i suggest you use the one you have ause server PSU are usually redundant and its not worth replacing it with anything. apart from that there is a chance HP has swapped a few cables (like dell used to do) in order to force you to buy psu from them.