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  1. Pretty sure it said Japan not china, Japanese people make some excellent things....I agree. Anyways, they don't seem very practical as a computer, but they look cool. They don't have a computer feel. Where do you plug stuff in? ...That would be interesting to see
  2. That sucks that you got the 80mm version instead of the 120 verion I would suggest you wait for the 120MM. The performance should be alot better, since the 120mm pushes more air then the 80 mm
  3. wow...sweet! Love your case. It looks simple and clean, yet the red adds a lot of interest. Nice home theater set up you have.
  4. Wow! Great project! Always wanted to do something like this. Looks really good, can't wait to see the finished product. Keep up the good work.
  5. wow...dracos, great progress...thought I might have seen this case some where before I think the etching looks great. I know if must of taken a lot of time. The gold mirror adds an interesting effect.
  6. firefly858

    My mod

    Wow ... awesome setup. I have to agree with everyone else...your watercooling looks great!
  7. wow! Looks great! Great use of plexi. Very creative! Keep up the good work.
  8. interested to see what you have planned for stage 2... You really have some creative and unique ideas Puts my case to shame....
  9. Awesome Job! Your case really looks great. Can't believe all the work that went into it. Must of taken you a long time to work on it. Really love your ideas...very creative. The dragon and tribal blade show some really good dremel skills!!! Good Job...Keep up the good work...