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  1. ok. problem discovered. STUPID Abit Motherboard (KX7-333R) is the problem. It must not be responding to the PSU like it's expecting. I placed the PSU onto another machine w/ an AOPEN motherboard (one i'm going to switch to soon) and it works like a charm. I'm so sick of this ABIT mobo.
  2. yeah the 2x 12V Fans idea don't work. Should I ground the -12V to the chassis?
  3. my motherboard KX7-333R does not require that plug. Can i place a load on it using 2 12V Fans to get it to work?
  4. Sup everyone. I'm new to the board and i'm seeking assistance w/ my newly purchased PSU. Model # RS-450-ACLY Symptom: I connected this product to my PC and it does not power up. The switch is in the on position, and the LED Fan lights up for a split second and dies. I'm using the 24 -> 20Pin converter for my Athlon XP Motherboard and disconnected everything but the power to the motherboard and the same symptom occurs. I'm trying to seek help w/ the coolermaster I was reading in the manual and it says to connect the 24pin AND 4pin connectors. is this required?