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  1. I emailed CM last night - the 3 contacts I had aswell as the RMAUSA email adress. I got 2 response this morning, one saying that I should send a photo and another one saying that they needed another address and a phone number and they will send the part asap. So i guess if all goes well I should get my replacement part by next week sometime. fingers crossed Keg75 (aka house)
  2. If anyone has experienced a badly fitting PCI slot tray in their stacker (it happens with some cards ie graphics and sound card in my case) After you emailed coolermaster requesting to get the replacement part. How long was it before you received a confirmation of your complaint and given and ETA of your replacement part. I purchased my Stacker in early June and I emailed Service almost straight away regarding my issue. I had a quick reponse and I haven't heard anything else since, apart froma reply from bigbadbns of this forum. One fellow forumite has said he's been waiting since November (I'm not sure of the particulars of his case), but he did say november. I feel the longer it takes the more my graphics and sound card are put under unecessary pressure. I must say I was a little miffed when I couldn't get the card in as the problems was supposed to have been identified back in Jan05 and the new parts were supposed to ship with the newer tray. Forumites - I look forward to your feedback. Coolermaster staff please help me out, I wanna say that your case and service are great, but this is effecting my ability to do that. Cheers keg75 (aka house) p.s. i must say that the case in it's standard fan configuration has lowered my cpu load temp by 10 degs C and the mobo is around 16 deg C cooler. I'm having second thoughts as to whether I buy water cooling now
  3. I emailed them late saturday night/ sunday morning GMT +8 time. I guess it's possibly still the weekend if your in the US. I emailed the response to the RMA Dept email and Danny_chen. Danny appears to be away from the office as has a vacation message turned on (I am not sure of his return date, as it isn't given). Generally how long does it take for them to respond or send out the replacement parts. keg75 p.s. I didn't send any photos of the problem as yet but I did ask them if they needed them.
  4. I had the problem with my sapphire x800 xtpe fitting in the slots. have emailed coolermaster and I am waiting on a response. cheer keg75
  5. SORTED I turned the rails upside down and had the black strips hanging out from that... i didn't think it would hold once in the but it all seems stable. Only problem i have now is my video card doesn't fit too well. It doesn't fit flush with the plate that has the pci slots cut into it. I think the pci slots are too short too. My audigy fits but the vi card doesn't and my joy stick port doesn't (had to take out a the little bolt with you screw yopu device into (not sure of the name)). I guess i'm gonna send my pics in and see if i can get a new plate. keg75 p.s. considering all new stackers from january are supposed to be the updated version i'm a little annoyed. I thought I was going to have to put all my bits back in my old pc which would have turned into a 5-6hrs excercise.
  6. I have the same rail's and the same problem... please help us.... I'm gonna go home and fart about with it some more. I was up last night for about 1 hr trying to sort it out. I've mucked around for 2 hrs working out what I was gonna put things so didn't have to move it when i added my water cooling. I have seen the pics (page1 of thread) with the other type of rails so will see if i can get it to work like that. Cheers keg75 p.s. I can't get over the bloody size... my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy buying something so big - but SIZE DOES MATTER - especially at LANS where the biggest n baddest WIN. My decks gonna rival my mates Dual g5 Mac. for size at least....
  7. I've got my stacker and have measure inside the bay. it would bea round 21.5cm clear. so it will fit pretty much any PSU on the market today. It will deifnatly fit my Antec Phantom 500 (which is on order). cheers keg75
  8. Excellent. I worked out 22cm from scaling a picture (which possibly had some distortion) If you recon 21cm - I'm pretty happy. I am looking at getting a [competitor psu], which is a long psu, as psu's go. Needed to check the bay length before I ordered. It wouldn't have been a big deal though, as the psu could have gone to the lower bay. What Psu you using? Thansk Keg75
  9. What video card and motherboards do people have, that have experienced this issue of the card not fitting? keg75
  10. is this a world wide problem or is this a localised problem? I am in Australia and have just ordered a CM stacker. If I have the same problem with my Saphire X800 XT PE card who do I contact in australia, or do i still have to email the US. Will the part ship from overseas or from Aus? I have seen a post today where the person had the same card as me and his card wouldn't fit the case. Thanks KEG75 P.s. Will the distributer automatically send the "FIX" with a new order or do I have to wait around for the part to be sent. How long will this take and is postage free?
  11. I have been trying to find out information on the length of the PSU bay in the stacker. I have been unsuccessful in find any information (I came close when a guy said he had a stacker but couldn't be arsed opening his case and measuring it for me.) I have measured a large image and found by ratio that the bay is approximately 22cm long. Can someone let me know what the Clear length is ASAP. I need to know as I am thinking of buying and 18.3cm long psu and didn't want to if it won't fit in the bay. I was trying to avoid haveing it at the bottom. Thanks KEG75