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  1. i just changed my demo unit of Hyper 6+ with an Aquagate Mini R120 so overall what i can say is that the performance both is pretty much the same...just some 1c-2c degree difference.. Hyper 6+ : idle 31c-33c, load 41c-42c Aquagate Mini R120 : 32c-33c , load 40c my test rig: AMD64 Winchester 3000 (270x9) 2.430 Ghz, Vcore : 1.50v DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D Kingston KVR (Hynix DT-D43) 512x2 1T Geforce 6200 128 DDR
  2. yeah...i'm also doing the jumper wyres trick...but cannot stand the loud noise when the fan running maximum speed of 3600 already made a switch to turn 'on' and 'off' that features...but now most of the time a leave it off.... temperature reduce in 1c-2c i think cannot be compensated by the loud noise it produce...
  3. changing to AMD 64 3000++ winchester already...the cpu temperature is so breeze at 31c-32c with Hyper 6+ and Arctic Silver 5
  4. already tried the jump wire m hyper 6+ fan running its maximum speed 3200++ rpm....but i cannot stand the loud sound of the roaming sound...the temperature reduce a bit of 1-2c on my AMD 64 trying to put a variable resistor to control the speed
  5. i'm using this hyper 6+ on my athlon xp's my temperatur reading: idling : 46-47... max :...havent tst yet gcard is'nt properly configured.... is the temperature seem normal..?...or it should be lower than that? thanks.