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  1. dim3


    the forum has been down for a while so i havent made a worklog.. but im about to take water cooling an put it back in and cut out for a window in the side door and some other stuff.. so then a worklog will be coming up very soon:)
  2. dim3


    cool the project starts next week
  3. dim3


    i am about to inplement water cooling in my wave master.. is it ok if post a work log?? its in a way a contribusion to all of the CM fans out there who want to get water cooling to their CM case.. is it ok??
  4. you should be proud of yourself..
  5. hehe.. i should really quit but its not easy.. the sound systen is amazing:D her is a pic of the nice CM gear badge:) and the best jet in BF Desert Combat
  6. dont use airfilters that are made for computerfans.. use the kind of airfilter that we use in our vacumecleener.. its much better and its easy to cleen out
  7. dim3

    new cases??

    Can the wavemaster be retro fitted with filters? Bob yea.. its just a little bit difficult to remove the front..
  8. dim3

    new cases??

    i feel that they should use filters.. my wave master is full of dust.
  9. dim3

    new cases??

    hehe.. yaeok
  10. dim3

    WaveMaster Black

    yea i want to get a little bitt less noise in my computer.. so then water cooling is the best solution..
  11. dim3

    WaveMaster Black

    cool!! do you have any pics of wavemaster with watercooling?? im thinking about bying watercooling but i dont know how i can attach the radiator..
  12. dim3

    new cases??

    hehe... you are vice Grump, vice i am norwegian so my english is not the best
  13. dim3

    new cases??

    the teaser on the cm homepage is what we are talking about the teaser is really anoing.. i want to see those new things a bit longer
  14. dim3

    Cool Copper RAM Sinks

    hehe... thats ok.. didnt know that. i like when the computer shows what it is made of