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  1. Np man OC your CPU to the sky
  2. Yap same here .. when you power down or reboot it turns back to full speed but i like that .. if my voltage is too high it keeps it nice and cool .. i like that future i can always turn down RPM if i want too bad that this is not what you want ..
  3. Download speedfan from here and go in the Chart section and check the CPU as shown on the picture .. that will solve you monitoring problem ..
  4. What you call cheap is two of my monthly paycheck .. so i need to work 2 months to get that board .. it isn't fair .. life isn't fair .. oh well enjoy your V6GT
  5. Just download OCCT from here Run it and see what temps you will get on 100% CPU Fan .. let it run for like 5 minutes Than lower down the RPM run it again and see what heppens .. the temperature must not go over 60 Celsius under full load ... so if you hit 60 its safe ... more that that and you need higher RPM ... Btw you have killer Mainboard and you dont even know where to lower the fans .. shame on you .. I'm running V6GT on my old modified asus p5kc mainboard on 3.6GHZ @ 1100 RPM never hits more than 45-50 C .. i can go up to 4GHz on 2200Rpm but there is no point the board will run for some time and then it will die on me .. and i dont want that do i
  6. There are few possibilities .. maybe the fans are not installed well , maybe the cooler itself isn'tt installed well or maybe its the sound coming from the PSU or the HDD you can't always tell .. Edit : if its that annoying just take the PC a part and rebuild it all over again .. and this time fix everything up very well ..
  7. Install MSI Control Center and go here Notice the Fan speed options ... that should solve your problem
  8. On my asus board i use a tool tha comes with AiSuite called AiGear 2 but there are only two speeds 2200RPM= loud and 1100RPM=you can't even hear the fans ..
  9. IceDati

    Case Recommendation

    Dude look no more the Antec case it just so ugly and the best case for me at the moment is HAF-X its bigger it has more room for the mainboard , gpus , HDD , and above all ... much better cooling ... and its not that expensive you can just add around 20-40 dolars ... Antec HAF-X ----------------------------------------------------- 3 x external 5.25in drive bays | 6 x 5.25†Bays 9 x internal 3.5in drive bays | 5 x3.5†Bays - very ugly case +better cooling -medium price +more space for everything - costs +20-40$ MSI MS-7514 will fit just great in HAF and it will be nice and cold inside