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  1. Thanks for the reply. I couln't identify the CM "Y" cable in the photo. It sounds and looks as though you are using most, if not all, the auxilliary outputs from the two power supplies. I was told that I would have to put dummy loads on all unattached power connectors. It would be interesting to see a diagram of the actual connections, but perhaps that is asking a bit much. I sent an e-mail to A**** and received this in reply. Quote First we would like to apologize for the non-prompt response. We brought this matter up to one of our engineers and we do not recommend the use of the adapter to any of our power supplies. To play it safe, we suggest that you get in touch with CoolerMaster for recommendations. Best regards. Europe Technical Support>Un-quote It seems that CoolerMaster are very quiet on this matter here. I thought that this was their official forum. Thanks again, Loubush
  2. Thanks for that. I was pondering about using two low wattage fanless PSU's from A**** or good old CM if they make them. I wonder what the reasoning behind CM making provisions in the CMStacker Case for two PSU's was, and also originally supplying 20-pin "Y" cables and then later 24-Pin "Y" cables. Perhaps someone at CM can say which PSU's they had in mind.
  3. Has anyone out there had hands-on experience in using two PSU's in a CMStacker by connecting the CoolerMaster 24-pin "Y" Cable to each PSU and to the 24 pin connector on the motherboard. If so, can you explain to a "Newbie" which auxilliary connectors were connected to peripherals and which were left unconnected? This is the CoolerMaster "Y" connector. http://www.padis.co.uk/media/cmstackery.jpg
  4. Try sending an e-mail to:- Jozy_Chen@coolermaster.com.tw She is in the Netherlands