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  1. hi! I'm max from italy! I must say I'm a bit 'angry, because you come early (respect me) in a creation of first worldwide project with two 690 CM! even if you can see the link below, I am willing to use two 690 cm II advanced (without liquid cooling, with 16 pwm fans, 2 wind rider, arduino mega pic & display for rpm monitoring) My idea was conceived on 08-03-2011 your project is simply perfect, wonderful, fantastic! the only thing I dislike is the fuchsia cables color, butthese are personal preferences. I also think that maybe you could use quieter fans, do not you think? which is the speed of your fans? think you should win competition, and cooler master must produce your project!!! super-mega-congratulations!! max
  2. CM 790 ADVANCED I have a CM 690 II advanced, and my dream is this version full tower case: CM 790 ADVANCED! it must have look and elegant style of CM 690 II incorporates the features of the CM 690 and CM HAF X and other cases! - Supports up to 13 120mm cooling fans (ONLY 120mm fans, not the big bad fans!) Front: 120mm fan x 2 with filters Rear: 120mm fan x 2 with filters (like antec twelve hundred) Top: 120mm fan x 2 with filters Bottom: 120mm fan x 2 with filters Right side plexiglass panel: 120mm fans x 2 (one in the classical position at PCI slot level and one in position on Ram atipical level) with filters Left side: 120mm x 1 (in my imaginary CM 790 there is 30mm space on back mother board for cable management!!) with filters VGA Air Duct: 120mm fan x 1 RAM position over the VGA Air Duct: 120 mm fan x 1 (special vertical support spaced from its parallel 5.25" bay for cooling ram zone) VGA holder: 120mm fan x 1 (same space upgrade like left side panel). All fans square frame housing has the anti-vibration silicone mask, and all have holes with rubber circle to kill Any vibrations (including Plexiglas side windows) - ONLY 5.25 "bay !!!!! precisely 12 5.25" bay! 6 5.25 "bay bay 3 5.25" higher fixed 3 bays 5.25" in a middle cage with mesh, rotated into position parallel or perpendicular position respect the mobo with easy rotation system. 3 bays 5.25 "in the below cage with mesh, it can also rotate. The 2 front fans are not on the hdd cages -which is independent- but front fans are on the front houses, mounted on a sliding door for a possible hot swap in both cages. There are four rubber grommets Between the HDD cage and HDD, HDD Avoid directly contact the HDD cage, back and absorb vibrations, keep the noise down (like Dragon Load Lancool K60). -on middle removed cage it's possbile to put the VGA Air Duct, while the support for 120mm fans -for ram cooling- is on 'the last 3 bay height 5.25 "drives level (those in the middle of case in essence) - on top: support for 240mm double radiator or a single radiator 120/80mm inside the roof, but with more space (in height ) and Rear retaining holes for water cooling directly into the back of the roof (that is two holes in the back of the case and two holes in the back of the roof for send/return water pipes ). On bottom: Support for a 240mm double radiator or a single radiator 120/80mm (instead of the bottom fan but the cage can remain in his place) and / or a single radiator 120/80mm (instead of the cage bottom but the bottom fan can remain in his place) - PSU Bottom mounted with filters & PSU anti-vibration pad. The Power Supply has rubber pads for both insulation and support. The mounting clip is also aligned with rubber to reduce vibrations but also secure the PSU without scratching the painted surface and ther is an aluminum PSU holder (like Lancool Dragon Load K60). - Power supply cable partion for neatness, same as Haf X, but with 120mm central air duct 120mm hole tunnel for bottom fan's free flow toward center of case!! On back side groove with plastic rings for great cable management (like Areocool Bx-500). Advanced cable management with rubber grommets and detachable cable clips to reduce mess inside the chassis (like Areocool Bx-500). - External SATA X-Dock II Same as CM 690 and USB 3.0 connectors on advanced front panel, like HAF X. - Removable Wheels like CM Haf X. - Addicted pcb multi molex connection to split one single molex for multiple use in strategic positions inside the houses (like Areocool But Bx-500 pin without tachometer). - black mesh edition of couse! consider this project and the CM 790 Advanced would be the most beautiful case in the world! (as well as the more sold that eliminates competition from other manufacturers!) max
  3. actual phase... plexi window detail
  4. back cable management detail Y cable modified for drive Noctua tachometers fan by Nanoxia pwmx (connector to wind rider connected to mobo pwm channel) and control/monitor first fan by Msi utilites and second fans only monitor by Sunbeam theta (but controller by Msi utilities)
  5. scythe psu and noiseblocker fan both with anti-vibration rubber/silicone frame kama stay and revoltec neon controller with invisible cable management.. Sunbeam Pci rack and first neon inside it nanoxia Pwmx and second neon behind it Msi Green Power genie that separe all sata rounded different colour cable to identify immediately hdd optimal symmetrical cable management of optical drive section Akasa & arctic cooling pwm/pst on top
  6. opening phase... welcome inside my CM 690 II...
  7. Hi! I'm max from italy and this is my CM 690 II ADVANCED project! Cpu: Intel Xeon L3110 (45 Watt TDP) Mobo: Msi p45 diamond Ram: Kingston LoVo ddr3 4 giga kit 1,25 vram Ali : Scythe Stronger 600W plug-in modulare GPU: MSI-Ati Radeon R5450-MD1GH (passive cooler) APU Internal: MSI-Creative® SB X-Fi Xtreme H/W Audio Card PCI-ex (MS-4132 bundle with P45 Diamond) APU Esternal: Focusrite Saffire Firewire Sound Card Pro Hdd1: WD Velociraptor 74Gb-10000rpm Hdd2: WD Velociraptor 150Gb-10000rpm Hdd2: WD Caviar green 1Tb-7200-64mb (2 plates) Dvd reader: Samsung SH-D163B black sata Dvd recorder: Samsung SH-S223C black sata Scythe Card Reader Combo Floppy Monitor: Hanns-g HX191DP 16/9 5ms full Hd Case: Cooler Master 690 II Advanced (obviously!!) + plexiglass side windws CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U9B SE2 Rheobus: - Cooler Master Wind Rider PWM hub - Nanoxia PwmX Controller (for both Noctua NH-U9B SE2 fans) - Sunbeam Theta pci controller (per monitor rpm fans by tacho cables from Wind Rider) Fans: - Enermax Cluster UCCL12 PWM - 120mm (front) - Noiseblocker Multiframe M12-P PWM - 120mm (down) - Akasa Apache 120mm PWM Fan - camou (top I) - Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 Pro PWM - 120mm (top II) - Scythe Kama DFS122512L-PWM 120mm (back) - Silverstone Nitrogon NT07 AM2 PWM 80x80x15 (side dx back mobo) - Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 PWM - 120mm (side sx fan I) - Scythe Slip Stream PWM - 120mm (side sx fan II) (I sacrifice it in plexiglass windows) and - Coolink SWiF2-120P Retail 120mm - PWM (middle case) - SilenX Fan Ixtrema Pro IXP-74-14T Thermistor - Tachi 120mm (with termal sensor for Hdd) - Silverstone Suscool 81 80mm Thermal control (with termal sensor for NorthBridge) additional accessories: - Scythe Kama stay (for Coolink fan in the middle) - Sunbeam Wherever Pci Rack - Thermaltake AquaBay M3 CL-W0031 + Pump SE 90 L/hr (for future NorthBridge water cooling system) - Akasa fan adapter 60>80 (for Silverstone fan on NB) - Demciflex magnetic filters - Silicone antivibrations for PSU - Rubber screw for all fans - Revoltec double withe neon - Nzxt extension cable ATX / EPS 25cm - premium sleeved black - Various tachometer and pwm extension cables total power consumption: 50 watt idle with neon off, 70 watt idle with neon on